Bring iOS style look on to your Android device using Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher Brings iOS Look To Your Android Device – Download Now!

Today we’ll talk about one of the best app that is actually a clone of the iOS Springboard, which makes your Android phone look just like an iPhone. It is a nice launcher and exactly looks like an iOS device. However it doesn’t support all features of iOS but it has more features, that you can get 4*4 grid icons with a dock like iPhone screen.

Bring iOS style look on to your Android device using Espier Launcher

Espier launcher is well designed and introduced to all the Android users who are eager to implement of get the iPhone looks to their smartphones. This launcher gives you the ability by recreating the iOS experience on your Android without buying an Apple’s iOS device.

There are several other launchers available in the Google Play Store such as ADW Launcher, Go Launcher and so on, but Espier is a very solid launch available for Android and became one of the best with its nice features, and does remarkable job of looking exactly like iOS. As said it doesn’t have an app drawer, but you will get an iOS-style icons in a 4×4 grid with a dockl at the bottom similar to the iPhone’s dock. When you swipe up the homescreen, you get the iOS like fast app switcher. The only difference between this launcher option and the original iPhone switcher is, you have to double-click the app to open and here with this Espier Launcher you have to swipe to the up side.

The launcher also changes brightness, WiFi, volume, and other quick settings and the folders works axactly like in the iOS, simply by dragging one icon onto another to create a folder, and when you tap it, it’ll pop-up in a original iOS style.

Download Espier Launcher for Android To Get iOS-Look

I am a big fan of this Espier Launcher Android app that transformed my smartphone into an iPhone with a simple installation. If you are eager to get it done with your Android device, then head over to the Google Play Store to get downloaded and installed on your handset right now to enjoy iOS on Android.

Download Espier Launcher For Android [Play Store Free link]