Enjoy World Of Warcraft Remote Services Now Available For Free To All Phone Gamers

World of Warcraft is a game that can be played in various aspects like some playing it for more social, some enjoy just meet new friends, and on and on. Some joining a guild and just socializing while playing casually, and many others go all out and have to raid every day, week, and some spend their time in the auction house buying and selling. Though you can’t raid or purchase in Arena on your mobile phone, and those who participate in the Arenas for PVP only can chat and simply check your Auction House purchases and sales using the World of Warcraft Remote app.

Users of the World of Warcraft Remote subscription service, Blizzard announced not too long ago that the WoW Remote service is now free for all current subscribers. Remote service was originally attached with this, including WoW Remote features,the mobile auction house and guild chat, have been made available to all players for free starting today.

Although Remote services still require a capable smartphone, obviously, if you are still using any old Symbian version of phones then its time to make an upgrade right now to take advantage of this free Remote service from World of Warcraft. The app lets you stay in touch with your guild mates, create, bid and collect gold via the Auction House.

This is an extra portable and handy tool to keep you up-to-date while you aren’t in front of a PC. For more details, head over to the World of Warcraft blog.