Install SIri on iPhone 4

Enable/Install iPhone 4S Siri Voice on iPhone4

There’s some good news for iPhone 4 users. Tha Apple‘s new revolutionary personal assistant feature Siri Voice, that is exclusively available in iPhone 4S can now be ported to iPhone 4. 9 to 5 reports that they have been working with iPhone developer and hacker Steven who have managed to successfully port Siri of iPhone 4S into iPhone 4.
Install SIri on iPhone 4
Update on 15th October:
Steven was successful in getting the beginning steps of full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and SpringBoard files onto iPhone 4. Siri on iPhone 4 can recognize the spoken commands both in standard Siri view and Keyboard Dictaion view.  Siri is also able to speak back to the user.  But, Apple is not authenticating the commands of Siri from iPhone 4.
When Siri was installed on iPhone 4, it was observed that Siri and iPhone 4 are working sluggishly. This is not due to Siri, but due to a special GPU driver which is not present in iPhone4.

There has also been no official word from Apple, why Siri Voice is available exclusively to iPhone 4S. Though here is no technical reason why Siri wont work on iPhone 4, but Apple believes that iPhone 4 hardware cant support it- iPhone 4S has a special microphone support for Siri which is absent in iPhone or because the A5 may run Siri Voice slightly quicker.
If you are eager to Install Siri Voice on iPhone 4, you need to wait few more days, so that hackers can port Siri onto iPhone 4. For more updates, stay tuned with us.