Emoji2 For iOS 5.1.x Unlocks And Enable Apple’s Hidden Emoji Icons On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

I have written a post about what we are going to talk of extensive use of the Japanese Emoji art, Which Apple extended its library of iOS-based emoji icons in its 5.1 version firmware build that has landed ever since. Similar to different emoticons, these emoji characters express somthing in text and email messages through using them in a wise manner. While talking about the user-base and the cute little Emoji icons always seem to be extremely popular.


However the Cupertino comapny have to activate the latest set, and those now remain hidden within the device’s software. Thankfully, in a form of new jailbreak tweak, Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+ came to scene to unlock them all for you loving ones.

The Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+ tweak that landed the Cydia store in the last couple of days is sure to delight the emoticon loving jailbreakers as it modifies the operating system to give users access to Emoji symbols and characters that Apple have chosen to remain hidden for unknonw reason or another.

The Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+ jailbreak app comes from good stock as it is built by the legendary iOS developer Moeseth who has previously been responsible for Cydia tweaks such as TwitkaFly among other packages available in Cydia. To replace the stock keyboard with the one boasting Emojis, the package works pretty well among users actively choosing a forean keyboard, and that replacement activity handled directlty through the dedicated preferences panel within the native Settings app and its very easy of selecting which keyboard to replace from a pre-populated list of options on your device and provides your with an entire library of new emoji icons.

Obviously, this Emoji tweak does requires a lttle bit of manual setup though, but its very simple, however it provides instruction for you as well.

After the keyboard replacement is complete, users can activate that international keyboard navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards and choosing the new option from the appeared list. Whenever the keyboard launches, a small globe symbol will be made available on the left hand side of the virtual spacebar that allows users to flick quickly between active keyboards easily.

With just a simple few taps on the screen, this Emoji package allows users to expose a lot of additional Emoji characters and symbols, which is extremely simple to use. This which we’re telling you “note it down”, the users need to be aware of that if they are intending to send text or emails with these images embedded within them, the recipents who are running iOS 5.1+ or OS X Lion+ will only be able to view them.

Note: Additionally, adding emoji icons to your text messages, emails, and instant messages, Emoji2 is well worth its $0.99 price tag.

Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+ is a $0.99 tweak available to download now via the BigBoss repository within Cydia, and it’s compatible with all iOS devices jailbroken — iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — running iOS 5.1 or above.