Easy App Toolbox For Android Is The Best Alternative App To Make Backups, Does Not Require Root

Many of them are familiar of flashing ROMs or modding elements on their Android device, which is a great process when it comes to rooting. When flashing firmware, wiping out data is always essential, when there are various means of backing up your smartphone or tablet, sucxh as full ROM back up in recovery mode (also known as Nandroid backup), but sometimes we wish not to go through. However, it’s pretty required process and a necessary prediction. XDA-Developers member Goddchen has desired to make the procedure of backing up information a great deal easier by creating a sort of all-in-one utility with Easy App Toolbox.

This guy is the same one behind the popular Nandroid Browser, who certainly knows a thing or two about backing up an Android device. Like Nandroid Browser, Easy App Toolbox is petty polished application, the best when compared to the most popular backup tool Titanium Backup, which is particulary used by many flash / mod enthusiasts.

Easy App Toolbox

Goddchen’s Easy App Toolbox offers the ability to backup your device’s apps fully, and you can easily store the content info in the cloud through services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Whereas the Play Store includes a handy feature to remember which apps you can downloaded and purchased, which can be re-downloaded, yes all your crucial information is not reinstated. Easy App Toolbox ensures you get all the information back once you’ve finished flashing a ROM in as hassle-free a fashion as possible, and if not yet taken any backup stored on the cloud, you can always backup and restore with your PC.


This app works similar to Titanium Backup, and now thinking why not you just use Titanium Backup? Remind you to have a good option, alternative! Easy App Toolbox is in second place does not require root access like mentioned.


If looking for a root-free substitute for Titanium Backup, check out the link provided below, which includes all the important details and download link.

(Source: Easy App Toolbox (Backup) for Android on Play Store)