Facebook Camera For iPhone Launches With Instagram-like Image Filters, Batch Uploads And More Features Added

If this the reason why Facebook announced that it intends to buy the mobile photo-sharing app Instagram for almost to a billion dollars. After Mark Zuckerberg marrying his girl friend a day back, now taken the wraps off its camera app, which gives the recently acquired Instagram a run for its money.

Earlier when Facebook surprised all the tech world with the announcement of purchasing of Instagram for an sweet and shocked price of $i billion last month, many like me thought this step would be the end of the best social app. But today, that thought was wrong and made its own way to use the acquired photo sharing app in a better manner. Currently the most popular social network having nearly a billion active users, means a sixth of the world are connected via Facebook, now launches an in-house offering of its own utility.

After buying Instagram, Facebook launched a new camera app for iPhone on Thursday to "share photos in a snap.

The announced Facebook standalone camera app for iOS devices brings the whole photography inside the Facebook’s own and separate universe. Using this application on your device you can browse photos, capture, edit them and share them to your favorite photo sharing sites.

No matter whether the Facebook Camera app topples Instagram or not, there’s only one winner. Now we have to see how interesting it will be with the Facebookers take to the camera app, or this start-up app is already too far ahead of the game.

Today Facebook has deemed their next vision for sharing your iPhone photos a go with an application

When we talk about this latest FB app, developed independently from Facebook for iOS by FB photos team. Photos product manger Dirk Stoop said that is focused on letting you share photos in a quicker manner as possible and poses a high-resolution than before. While this Facebook’s iPhone app makes uploading multiple photos pretty quickly. While its a nutshell, you snap, filter and share and pushing them out to the world to see as in Instagram, you can now add some filters to every image from your device’s Camera Roll, isn’t it amazing!

Facebook launches Camera for iOS with filters and batch uploads, Instagram looks

Now about How it works: Simple when you open the Facebook Camera, it detects any FB accounts you’ve been associated with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When you’re in, you’ll be presented with a user interface that looks nothing like Facebook for iPhone and in whole lots more faster.

* The top left corner is permanently reserved for a camera button, indicates by a few small photo squares that represent the most recent photos on your Camera Roll.

* Below those pictures is a News Feed composed only of photos friends have uploaded.

* Swipe down on the News Feed to view the rest of your camera roll, from where you can tap checkmarks to select up to 30 photos to upload simultaneously.

* If you want to see photos in full screen, tap a photo, crop it, rotate it, and tag it if so.

* You’ll be presented a blue “compose” icon in the bottum right corner launches a screen where you can make a caption, tag and post the photographs of your desired ones.

When you come back to the News Feed in the camera app, and scroll down, you’ll then notice that’s its easy swipe sideway’s to view multiple larger photos inside one News Feed story. There you cannot comment or tag or like photos, but the app doesn’t allow you to save photos other have taken  though, an action arrow in the top right corner zaps you into Facebook for iPhone to view their entire profile. Lots more in the Facebook’s Camera app for iDevices.

FB begins rolling out Facebook Camera for iOS to English-speaking countries, a standalone photos app where you can shoot

According to Facebook officials, and is now ready for the big time with a full global launch on the iTunes App Store for iPhone only. Android version of Facebook standalone camera app is on its way soon! Facebook will soon own two mobile photo apps that let you apply filters to photos and share them with friends.

Its a free of charge and can be downloaded right now from the App Store. However, similar to Instagram, if you an iPad owner, its goig to be compatibility mode again, which fears more.

Download Facebook Camera for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

WinRAR 4.10 For OS X – Download Mac Rar Archiver For Free

If you want to compress any document files, emails, photos, and videos on your Windows PC, you probably use the WinRAR archiver to do so. I recommend the only extractor and compression utility available and one of the most wanted and popular tool on the web. This was for Windows users, now going to the Mac computers, Few months ago, RARLab has introduced a decompressing utility called WinRAR to the OS X users of the verion 4.0 as a freeware.

WinRAR for Mac is compression tool with many integrated in version 4.0

WinRAR and WinZIP came from the same company as a powerful archive manger, which can not only backup your data and reduce the original size of email attachments, and also able to decompress the RAR compressed files, ZIP and other files too. WinRAR in other words an compression tool with several advanced functions added to help you organize your RARed or ZIPped file archives.

For example: If you have a video or a photos folder sized of 2.2GB and want both of them to transfer into your 2GB aloted USB Pendrive, by compressing both the folders you can compress them to 1.80GB so that you can easily transfer them into your USB drive. This is what WinRAR or ZIP is used for to save your disc space, transmission cots and valuable working time as well with security filter enabled.

Like Best RAR Expander for Mac is one the RAR archiver that extracts files contains compressed files, and while UnRarX is another Mac OS X RAR extraction utility that have the similar features though. I my though WinRAR for Mac is the best compression tool you will be seeing for years.

This WinRAR for Mac is an easy to use, flexible and lightweight product, with an intuitive user interface lets your mouse over icons to see the functions, if you don’t like their candy-coated appearance. With the folder tree panel, introduced in the latest addition makes shifting through directories to find files for easier archiving than ever.

Features of OS X WinRAR archiver:

* Supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip).

* It automatically recognizes and selects the better compression solution, added special compression algorithm extracts multimedia files, executable’s and object libraries.

* When you are sending data through the web, its 128 bit password encryption and authenticated signature technology will give you help you with security.

* WinRAR allows you to split archives into separate volumes, easily by making it possible that can save them on various disks.

* You can test the shareware version of WinRAR, the program allows you to test it for free upto 40 days time period.

* Licenses are valid for all available language and platform versions. If you have purchased several licenses, you can even mix versions to meet your own personal needs.

* It automatically updates to the future version if any upgrades available.

This WinRAR’s Unicode support for international formatting is an advanced feature includes embedded file comments, repair of damaged archives, archive locking, self-extracting archives, and very easy make encryption and many more in One RAR Extractor, means All-in-One Archiving solution.

Download WinRAR 4.10 for Mac OS X. WinRAR is a powerful archive manager and extracts the files contained in RAR archives

With file compressions compatible with popular file formats including ZIP, gZIP, TAR, WinZIP, Cabs and Jars, this WinRAR for OS X is available toght now for free to try.

Download WinRAR 4.0 For Mac OS X [RARlabs]

Download RAR 4.11 For OS X

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper – A Recovery Tool for Infected PC

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta is a recovery tool introduced by Microsoft which helps you in identifying and removing malware from your PC by pervforming a offline scan. Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper can also be used when you are unable to start or install an anti-virus on your PC.This tool can also be used to remove virus and malware that are unidentified by your anti-virus.


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool
Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows Operating Systems. It is a standalone portable tool and hence no installation is required. Download beta version of the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool from Microsoft and run it. It will ask you to enter a CD, DVD or an USB drive.Do so and run the tool.It creates a bootable media required to run the recovery tool on your computer. You can also create an ISO image of the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool.


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool


Important Note : Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is not a replacement for an anti-virus like Microsoft Safety Scanner, but is a security software like Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft Offers Safety Scanner for Free – Download

About Microsoft Safety Scanner : To remove Virus, Spyware and other Malicious Software, Microsoft has developed a Security Tool – Microsoft Safety Scanner, that provides on-demand scanning and helps for free. Microsoft provides this Security Tool for Download Free of Cost. Another notable feature in MS Safety Scanner is that it works along with your existing Anti-Virus Software.

Microsoft Security Scanner

Important Note : Actually, Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days After Download and to rerun a scan with the latest Anti-Malware definitions, just Download Microsoft Safety Scanner and run Again.

My Opinion About Microsoft Safety Scanner :

I tried MS Safety Scanner. It is better(not so perfect). It was able to detect some malicious software (which were not detected by other security tools) running on my PC and get them fixed. Microsoft provides an executable file for download and so installation and setup are not required. It is tidious to download the updates for MS Safety Scanner as you have to download the complete 70+ MB file every 10 days.

The Options availbale for Scan are:

* Quick scan – Likely spots that malware might be lurking
* Full scan – Whole system … just in case
* Customized scan – Scan a specific folder

Microsoft Security Scanner - 2

DrawBacks of MS Safety Scanner :

* There are no updates provided for the tool – you have to redownload the package
* The download is only valid for 10 days, after which you have to redownload the package
* The progress bar seems to mean nothing

Now you can visit this Microsoft link to Download the Safety Scanner and use this on your system with 32-bit or 64-bit.

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7

DreamScenes are rare to find in the Web and in that Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7, which i searched and selected for you ”Friends”. Now you are going to see these Top 10 Best DreamScenes those i selected for my friends and for me. I bet, you will select and grab all these Top 10 DreamScenes which are awesome looking and these can fit to your taste.

I have searched over the web for DreamScenes and managed to find them at Dreamscene.org. I selected about 15 DreamScenes and from those, i chose these Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7. These 10 Best DreamScenes are for you too. Now, what are you waiting for, just grab these DreamScenes and set as your Desktop Background.

Check This :-

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows :

1. Another View

Another View

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Dream Scene

3. MultiFire


4. Blood Cell


5. Tron Bike

Tron Bike

6. Fire Lord

Fire Lord

7. Teal-Hair


8. MultiColor

Multi Color

9. Green Sphere

Green Sphere

10. Flowers