Google Brings Free Snapseed App Onto Android And iOS, Makes Photo-Sharing Easier!

Have you noticed when Google acquires a company then you can see much like it did with Nik Software’s gorgeous app called Snapseed, makes it free version and made it available for both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

Google on Thursday said that its online social network has grown widely to 135 million active users, and have added a new photo-sharing app which lets users to compete against services like the big giant, Facebook’s instagram service. In order to achieve that, Google has now introduced the mobile photo sharing service Snapseed, actually made by Nik Software to the social network.

The service, which is similar to the Instagram – bought by Facebook for a hefty price this year – allow users to crop and enhance pictures before publishing to social network sharing.

Previously the price for the Snapseed photo editing application was $4.99 but Google in their generosity have now made the app free to download for iOS devices, and today launched the app on Android devices as well. Gundotra also said that Google+ will be adding a new feature called “Communities” which makes the Google+ “hangouts” permanent locations. Google has also added a number of other features to the application including Google+ sharing, together with new filters and updated photographic frames.

Not yet benefited from the fantastic and easy-to-use filters and photograph tweaking technology with the Snapseed application, just head over to the iTunes App Store if you’re  an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user or visit Google Play Store if you’re an Android toting owner to grab the free of charge download.

Windows PCs can have it for free and being an Mac OS X version machine will have to pay $20 for the Snapseed app version to taste it.

Samsung and Golf GameBook Team Up To Bring First Digital Scorecard

The Samsung has developed many applications for the customers and received great results of producing some best digital based media gadgets and in that Golf scorecard is one of the application developed by the South Korean electronics in collaboration with the Finald based company GOLF GAMEBOOK. It’s a free app now available at the Samsung Apps and the iTunes App Store.

The co-founder of Gamebook, Kalle Vinola told that they are very much pleased with the co-operation with Samsung and it has been great experience participating in the development of the new scorecard  for all golfers. This scorecard app is based on the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen technology. An electronic scorecard can now be signed in the same manner as the traditional paper scorecard. This signing allows compatible with the official rules of golf game.

The U.S Golf market is huge – 27 million golfers out there playing 470 million rounds per year and the direct revenues are as high as 70 billion dollars annually. This extraordinary new feature makes the Golf GameBook’s Android app more special for all golfers. Using this app everyone can share their golf scores  on and off the golf course. It is like a personal game house at your pocket. More of with this app you can save your score for your self or you can share your hole-by-hole live scoring to single groups or multiple groups altogether.

Last summer Golf GameBook and Samsung co-produced and organized real-time scoring for hundreds of golf events in the Nordic countries. During these tournaments the participating players entered scores hole-by-hole using the Golf GameBook app which was installed on the latest Samsung phone models. It also provided real-time scoring for great golf legends such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, as well as the British Open champion Stewart. The feedback from them are very positive.

Every time apps developed by Samsung are innovative and make people’s lives easier. If this Golf Gamebook’s Scorecard interests you, please share you thoughts and?

Here Comes Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator That Tempts Mobile Developers Test OS On Their Desktop

Mozilla has introduced a new version of its experimental Firefox OS Simulator as r2d2b2g, a prototype Firefox add-on that actually make easy to install B2G on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. This OS Simulator based on Boot2Gecko (B2G) project has been written about extensively on Hacks, but its desribed as that Mozilla is building a mobile phone operating system where the whole user interface is built on web based technology like (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

This newly released Mozilla tool for developers is exclusively designed to enable the ability to install an .xpi extension inside the desktop version of Firefox. Check the details after the jump!

This new add-on for Firefox that makes it easy for web developers who would like to get their hands dirty building apps for Mozilla’s coming mobile Firefox OS. However the Mozilla’s Firefox operating system is still in alpha stage, and if anyone interested in testing your apps in this latest version of simulator, then you have a great chance to head over to the download page. Notably, those running the simulator on Linux and Windows XP can face issues.

Once Firefox OS simulator installed, you’ll then see a dashboard allowing you to run the new browser simulator. Applications built-in Firefox OS uses the web development tools particularly which are specially written on HTML, CSS and JVScript – which then run atop Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine. Boot2Gecko OS plays a big part in – essentially turning the Firefox web browser into an operating system. Also called it as Firefox OS Simulator is an prototype test environment for Firefox OS!

In order to make it possible to create fully-featured mobile applications with only HTML and other web tools, Mozilla is depending heavily on device-level APIs to tap into everything from dialog phone numbers to listing contacts, taking photos and getting WiFi information and more.

The Firefox OS Simulator was introduced in a Hacks post last month as r2d2b2g, a prototype Firefox add-on that makes it really easy to install B2G on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. B2G is undergoing heavy development, and the Firefox OS Simulator makes it easy to stay up-to-date (the 1.0 release will automatically update… for now, it’s a simple install that doesn’t require restarting Firefox).

In order to get started with the Simulator, first of all open the “Simulator Manager” by selecting the new Firefox OS Simulator option in the Firefox Web Developer menu. You’ll then find controls inside the Simulator Manager to start and stop the Simulator and a Java Script Console option to see whether any error messages arrived as you develop.

Developers who are interested in developing apps for Mozilla’s Firefox OS with the Simulator called B2B, can head over to the official website and start developing Firefox OS apps today. Check them before being submitted to the Marketplace.  For more on how to get started using the Simulator and building apps for Firefox OS, see the Mozilla Hacks blog from here. Check out the the entire process of building and testing an app on Firefox OS.

Firefox 17 Launches With Social API, Integrated Facebook Messenger And More

It’s now available as a new API in Firefox. Mozilla gets social with Firefox 17, launched with click-to-play plugin bocks for old Adobe Reader, Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. This new version of web browser can be grabbed from on the organization’s FTP servers, it has now also been released over

The Firefox for Android version 17 also made available. Mozilla has officially launched Firefox 17 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux brings a new release almost every month and following the October release of Firefox 16 and the subsequent Firefox 17 beta, the latest version has wrapped off from beta stage and is ready to rock. Available on the official download page, those eager to get the update as soon as possible can grab it right now via 17 Mozilla’s FTP servers – download details can be checked at the bottom of the page.

Mozilla Foundation has been working hard in switching to a more frequent release cycle which has come under pressure from Google’s smooth Chrome browser, has continued rolling out the improvements every six or so weeks. Now up to version 17 – Firefox has integrated most apps except, perhaps, Chrome – it brings a couple of interesting features with it, although most of the changes are under covered performance enhancements. One of the best key entries unboxed – atleast from security perspective, is the click-to-play blocklisting, which stops vulnerable plugin versions from running without due permissions of the user.

Especially for those running on Mountain Lion, still got support for Notification Center, and with a twenty bug fixes in total, and now it looks like Mozilla is clear and fresh about getting things down to a water-tight level. Sandboxing of iframes, the next most important thing is that support for OS X 10.5 Leopard has been dropped.

As such, click-to-play blocklisted plugins consist of a list of plugins that Mozilla deems unsafe for its Firefox users. The prompt tells you that the plugin is vulnerable and thus Firefox has stopped it from loading automatically. For example: if any update is available, you’ll be prompted to update the plugin, either way, you will still be able to use it, if you want to, by clicking on the blocked grey box on the top. In addition to that, if plugins are blocked on the currently-viewed Web page, Mozilla will feature a blue icon to the left of the address bar for more information.

Obviously the aforementioned feature is enabled by default, you can also set it to work for all plugins, not only the older ones. In order to do that, type in about: config preference “plugins.click_to_play” (set it to true). Though, this isn’t the only purpose of plugin manage ment system, but it should still be useful as a prevention mechanisim against drive-by attacks targeting plugins that are known to be vulnerable.

Developers too got plenty of improvements. JavaScript Maps and Sets are now iterable, SVG FillPaint and StrokePaint have been implemented, and with the Web Console, Debugger and Developer Toolbar a lot slicker than ever before, those concerned with the innards of the revamped browser should be all over this update.

Other Firefox 17 features worth noting; here’s the official changelog:

  • NEW: Click-to-play blocklisting implemented to prevent vulnerable plugin versions from running without the user’s permission.
  • CHANGED: Updated Awesome Bar experience with larger icons.
  • CHANGED: Mac OS X 10.5 is no longer supported.
  • DEVELOPER: JavaScript Maps and Sets are now iterable.
  • DEVELOPER: SVG FillPaint and StrokePaint implemented.
  • DEVELOPER: Improvements that make the Web Console, Debugger and Developer Toolbar faster and easier to use.
  • DEVELOPER: New Markup panel in the Page Inspector allows easy editing of the DOM.
  • HTML5: Sandbox attribute for iframes implemented, enabling increased security.
  • FIXED: Over twenty performance improvements, including fixes around the New Tab page.
  • FIXED: Pointer lock doesn’t work in web apps (769150).
  • FIXED: Page scrolling on sites with fixed headers (780345).

This release introduces Firefox’s new Social API with a preview of the first social integration with Facebook Messenger for Firefox. The purpose of this API is it allows social services like Facebook, Twitter, blog networks or even news sites to easily add persistent social sidebars, toolbar notifications and chats to the browser, no matter what sites you are looking at.

Just head over to the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page after you have updated to the latest version of Firefox and look for the green ‘Turn On’ button. Once enabled, you will get to see the new social sidebar with your Facebook chat and updates, comments and photo tags. Firefox will now also show a few new Facebook Messenger buttons in its toolbar.

You can now download Firefox 17 rolling out for your OS by pointing your browser to. While the Firefox 17.9 version should arrive at some point later today, it reboots turn out to be accurate. If you’ve already an earlier version of Firefox installed then this update will be pushed to you over the air. Compete against Windows 8 driven PCs Internet Explorer 10 and of course with the Google Chrome Browser as well. We got to see if the latest update to Firefox makes me want to switch over.

Pulse 3.0 Update For iOS And Android Released, Brings New Design, Improved Search And More

Pulse, What is it? It’s an newsreader app that was launched back in August as a browser-based application for Android and iOS devices, impressively rolled out yet another update for it’s app that which includes a comprehensive re-design together with additional new features and enhancements.

Version 3.0 of Pulse has just been released to the App Store for those toting an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and for the Android powered smartphones/tablets. Pulse’s new version also includes an awesome layout allows for unlimited content per page, and new intuitive navigation structure together with an enhanced search facility.

Pulse 3.0 update brings an improved new search features like it enables easy searching for any website, brand, person or any topic and with a reply it returns results from Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Flickr, Google and Blekko, to name some other sources. Other than that this new 3.0 version also implemented with an edit button on every page, so that users can quickly and easily personalize their Pulse layout and feeds, all together with infinite scrolling.

Here’s what Pulse explains about the v3.0 for iOS and Android:

The possibilities are endless! Now you have space for that NASA page, those food blogs, the collection of video feeds you’ve been wanting to squeeze in. With unlimited pages, your customized reading experience can finally spread its wings.

Pulse 3.0 is now available for free of charge download for iOS and Android devices from their respective iTunes and Google Play Store.

Angry Birds Star Wars For iOS, OS X, Android And Windows Phone 8 Launched!

Finally now its official! The much awaited Rovio’s games just hitting the smartphone stores like the iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows Phone. With the teased screenshots of Rovio’s latest one on short video casts over the last few weeks showcasing their new edition to the extremely popular Angry Birds franchise, and now the wait is over as the final Angry Birds Star Wars is officially available to purchase.

The release of Rovio’s second movie tie-in game, couldn’t have come at a more relevant time with Lucasfilm and Stars Wars being plastered all over the headlines thanks to a $4 billion acquisition by Disney, which has parted with the cash to make sure tar Wars stays around for future generations, and Rovio are doing as expected with that.

Unlike previous versions and editions of Angry Birds release, the latest Star Wars creation has actually landed simultantiously on iOS, OS X, WP8 and Android app markets, signaling a much-welcomed shift in the times for those mobile users who opt to have their needs handled by a platform other than iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It also compliments with boosting the significance of Windows Phone 8’s gorgeous screen of the Nokia Lumia 920 perfectly.

Note: Unlike Angry Birds Rio the Star Wars version adds a number of new features and a more recognizable set of characters. In Angry Birds Star Wars every bird from the series dresses like a character from George Lucas’ sci-fi universe.

From the game point of view, the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds sees those troublesome birds embarking on their biggest adventure yet, though, it’s all happening in a physics based galaxy far, far away aspect. This latest release contains over 80 action-packed levels set in the detailed Star Wars universe, featuring locations such as Tattooine and the Pig Star.

The story of the movies in the short cut scenes before each new world. The game skips the prequel trilogy and starts the story at Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope where R2-D2 and C-3PO escape from Darth Vader by taking an escape pod to Tatooine. Rovio has beefed up the game with a new mechanics engine, which means those little heroic birds can level up to improve their skills as well as benefiting from the use of light sabers, blasters and mysterious Jedi powers to fight their way to freedom from imperial rule.

In the similar fashion to previous games and Rovio’s Bad Piggies offering, stars can be earned and used to summon The Magic Falcon that will give guidance on how to complete specific levels if things get a bit too tough enough.

With all the new generation graphics, the characters are awesome and the accompanying soundtrack is perfect for the game. iOS users will also be happy to know that even though the game is two different purchases for iPhone and iPad, at the latest is fully iPhone 5 ready unlike the initial launch of Bad Piggies.

Gameplay: The game picks up with the red bird dressed as Luke Skywalker trying to get past the Bad Piggies dressed as Sand People. Like most Angry Birds games, the first few stages just focus on shooting the birds at the pigs’ structures with no special abilities. After wards, the game the Luke Skywalker bird gains a lightsaber which he can use to deflect blaster shots and destroy structures. With included Angry Birds dressed as Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Carlissian. The pigs play the role of all of the bad guys from the aforementioned Sand People and Darth Vader to the Storm Troopers.

Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on the iPhone for $0.99, on the iPad for $2.99, Android phones for free, Android tablets for $2.99, and Kindle Fire devices for $2.99.

Google Launches Official Search App For Windows 8 – Download Now

Usually every major internet company will eventually create dedicated applications for upcoming Windows 8 operating system, like Google who has luanched a dedicated Google Search app for Windows 8 ahead of Friday’s official release of the OS.

Google Search for Windows is now official and available as a free of charge download on the Windows Store and an alternative to the Bing search engine, which is the default web-based search in Internet Explorer on Windows 8.

In thick and fast the Windows 8 apps are coming out, and you might not be much of a Skyper or HULU Plus viewer, the chanses are, you do use Google to channel at least some of your search queries. Of course “Googleing” is one of the major act of searching the internet web, and if you’re running / planning to install Windows 8, you’ll be pleased to learn the official Google Search app tailotred to Microsoft’s new new OS has just been launched.

Talking about the Google Search on Windows 8, is not only a search application, but also serves as a portal to other Google services like, Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Drive and Reader. While the main interface has a simple large search bar, which includes voice search, so that you can speak your search query and on.

Interesting to see which of the big companies have been developing their apps behind the scenes, and Google has gotten itself a bit of airtime by publishing its Windows 8-based search app in the Windows Store this early in the day. the Search charm in Windows 8 will churn out results from Microsoft’s own Bing search engine, and don’t want to make the switch, the Google Search app will have you covered. The app also features some Google Search features many have grown accustomed to, including instant results, so there’s no need to press enter to see the results, as well as instant previews, so you can flick through the search results without having to visit each page.

The app integrates with the search charm in Windows 8, so you can search Google directly from there and as per the Windows Store description, those downloading Google Search for Windows 8 can override the Bing service with the Google offering, with both text and images searches provided as standard.

Google has also been preparing a version of its Chrome Web browser for Windows 8, which is currently available as a preview for developers. The Windows 8 (nee Metro) style app is very similar to the desktop counterpart, but has enlarged elements such as tabs to better accommodate touchscreens. The best of Internet Explorer 10 is that it shows all open tabs at once, rather swiping upward to see the tabs, which is of use to those who need to switch between tabs often.

However, that at present, it’s exclusive to Windows 8 and as such, doesn’t support Windows RT. Bit of a bummer if you’re planning to buy a Surface, but it’s expected that the touch-optimized app won’t take too long to land at the Windows Store.

Download Google Search for Windows 8 on Windows Store

Madefire For iOS Offers Yet Another App To Read Comics, Gifted For the iPhone 5’s Tall Display Pretty Well

Considering the the revolutionary apps related to the comic books became a real hype in recent times, now the digital comic publisher Madefire has joined the genre with its universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Usually you’re familiar with the typical comic apps, which stick to a digitization of the traditional paper editions of comic books, Madefire’s app offers the “motion book” ability – the technology that takes full advantage and makes the entire experience more enchanting and creatively-pleasing at the same time.

For the larger, crispy display of the iPad, Madefire has initially launched it a couple of months back, but after much work and adoption, Madefire has now made the app universal – adding support for both iPhone and iPod touches. Making of and sneak-peeks in new feed section the exclusive version 1.4.1 supports the barnd-new iPhone 5’s four-inch display running iOS 6. The new iPod touch (5th-gen) finally launches (presumably later this month), comic book readers can junp straight in.

It’s been added to the iOS 6 support and is now being used by a majority of iDevice owners, and includes Facebook support as well.

Don’t worry, it’s being a general well-polished comic book app (not a Cydia tweak) so, no need to jailbreak iOS 6, it includes a news feed featuring various previews of to-be-released material and special “making of” sinppets.

Madefire currently the only publisher to introduce the stunning motion books format, a new feed section adopted it and this features “making of” stories and sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Although reading and flicking through comics on a device like an iPad 3 is no-brainer, Madefire really takes advantage of the technology, providing noe of the most fulfilling experiences one can possibilly get from reading a comic. Though, many content creators are already signed up, and Madefire is of course becoming a major force to be re-created with.

At this point in time, there are seven titles available to watch, including the first episodes of “The Engine” and “Houses of the Holy.” The Madefire comic app is a free universal application available right now from the iTunes App Store, below is the link to get it!

Download Madefire for iOS 6 from App Store

Firefox Metro Preview Build Available For Windows 8 – Download Now!

For the Microsoft’s upcoming desktop operating system, the Windows 8, Mozilla has released a preview copy of Firefox Metro browser. The New Metro elements permeate the preview build inside and out created from-scratch browser for the new tie-centric Windows 8.

The future of Firefox has been announced via the official Mozilla blog, with the release of the browser that is intended for users expectations. The preview release of Firefox has been exclusively built from a ground up to offer a classib browsing mode as well as having a Metro-based look and feel to it.

Mozilla regarding to the Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OS working on a majority of the product and hope to produce a seamless web browsing experience that works flawlessly on both classic and Metro models. The first preview build, is made available as a nightly build from the company’s experimental Elm repository, and it appears to be a total overhaul of one of the world’s most popular web browser, which is also packed with notable bundle set of features and enhancements that should surely appeal to Windows 8 users.

Although, the preview is definitely a work in progress as it still has plenty of bugs and many features missing, such as Flash support, though it’s still a functional, full-screen web browser. Firefox Metro offers a new Metro-styled Start experience that presents Bookmarks and recent browsing history in a gorgeous but simplistic manner.

The browser itself has integrated support for a whol;e new era of hot of touch and swipe gestures that will form an integral part of user experience in Windows 8. Notably, the visual appearance of Firefox with it looking extremely different style. Mozilla has noted in their official blog post that the aesthetics of the software have been given the “Asutralis Interface” name.

While Mozilla promising to add additional powerful features in the coming months as well as firming up Windows integration and improving the user-experience with the browser to make it more responsive.

Firefox Metro also has support for Firefox Sync and the ability to quickly switch between different browsing modes with minimal buzz. This preview release represents the first public step in the ongoing development of the product and by no means a finished software. While it also lacks profile-guided optimization, making it a bit more sluggish than the final version should be, it does give curious users a glance into the Mozilla crystal ball.

But to match the Metro design of Windows 8. Metro decided to focus more on typography and brightly colored tiles than the “classic Desktop” environment – the graphical-icon interface that’s become the norm for modern computers. The prototype adds a Firefox title for users to launch the app from. It added a “charm” too, for Windows 8’s vertical tool bar used to quick launch applications. Check it out for yourself and remember to file those important bug reports to help the development process.

Download Firefox for Windows 8 from the Mozilla’s official website.

Firefox 16 Beta For Windows, OS X, Linux And Rolling Out For Android – Download Now!

Mozilla’s Firefox browser these days with its previous releases to the technology world is accelerating at an exceptional pace, something that is believed with both hardware and software side. That has been never bean more clear when Mozilla released Firefox 15 to the masses, publicly a few days ago with some add-on patches, and now a new build of version 16 of Firefox is already available for developers for a test drive. In those millions of web users around the world I’ am the one who prefers Firefox as my default desktop and mobile browser have been barely had a chance to compare with version 15 and now Firefox 16 beta entered to the scene to be played with.

In the same fashion how Google pushing out the latest beta of their Chrome browser for Windows, OS X and Linux, Mozilla is also following it and rolling out the latest Firefox betas, as well as delighting mobile users who use the Android mobile operating system. Firefox 15 is barely fresh off the vine, and we’re already looking at a beta version 16 for both desktop platforms and Android. Mozilla’s test release builds in the first support for web apps that play nicely with the Mozilla Marketplace.

The Firefox 16.0 beta 1 finally brings the inline PDF viewer and a speedy session restore point, it’s an handy feature needed to restart browser. As part of the beta release, the development team has added easier methods for developers to interact with the new powerful tools that have been included to aid web development, as well as the added support for a number of web standards. Web developers will also been expected to see the additional features of the developers toolbar that is of course accessible via the development menu of the software, and offers a quick and accurate access to all of the included developer tools.

The initial web-app support is one of those new features that users may be interested to know about that works amazingly with Mozilla central marketplace. With a huge changes made to Firefox 16 beta is the VoiceOver support for users who are running the browser on a machine running OS X. This new feature is turned by default, and though there are a number of inclusions, known issues which the voice support, it is the most requested and rolling out addition from Mozilla.

While Android users will be greated with some additional features and improvements than that the desktop versions for Mac, Windows and Linux got so far. A large amount of Android device owners choose to use the mobile version of Firefox as their main browser on their tablets or smartphones, and the new Reader Mode should bring a greater browsing experience to their devices. the Android crowd receives a Safari-style Reader Mode that strips out the fluff from pages, while Mac users see the once test-only VoiceOver support flipped on by default to improve accessibility.

Note: Which the Firefox 16 beta for Android received an unique one called the Reader Mode that feature which Apple offers Mobile Safari and seamlessly stips out unnecessary content from webpages to allow users to shift through the genuine information in a lot easier manner.

Even developers gets something best through a quick-access and more readily accessible CSS4 scripting. If Firefox is your browser of choice and you are eager to test, refine and then report any issues back to Mozilla to help the wider community, then head over to this embedded links below to download the Firefox 16 beta from here and get started. The Android version of the latest Firefox beta can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Firefox 16 beta for Android [Google Play Store link]