Download Google Play Store 5.0.38 APK With Material Design

You can now download the latest updated version 5.0.38 of Google Play Store APK, which brings with it a plethora of changes and bunch of bug fixes that users have been facing for quite some time. The all new Google Play Store 5 carries more elements of Material Design which has already been accustomed earlier in the Android L Developer Preview releases.

Google Play Store APK version 5.0.38 is now available to download. Updated with a complete Material Design overhaul, Google Play Newsstand also gets updated with it, and a day after, Google+ was been updated with additional Material Design elements.

The new Google Play app icon carrier the new, flatter look, keeping itself in line with Material design’s new aesthetics. That’s what you will notice the first. Apparently, from the design language, things have also been changed under the hood.

Fire up the app and you’ll instantly recognize the subtle changes in animations when speak, accessing the slide-out drawer menu, along with changes in the iconography. The What’s New section has been moved to the top and is now visibly highlighted in green allowing for it to be prominently visible in each application listing.

The Widget Section icons for the home screen have also been changed either, maintaining the flat, paper-like design. Google moved forward in changing the notification icon for the status bar too, after all, it is this attention to detail that ultimately counts.

This version of Play Store should start rolling out to users over a course of the next few days and if you think you can wait that longer. Want the update to hit your device right now, you can download the APK of Google Play Store 5 from the embedded link at the foot of this post, side-load it, and give it a tail run.

Caution: This APK is not quite ready for Android L Preview or ROM ports based on the Preview images. If you did not pay heed to this warning, and your Play Store is crashing. Revert back to the older version to get things up and running again.


Download Google Play APK version 5.0.38 from here.

Feedly Adds 500,000 New Google Reader Users In 48 Hours

Register or feed your mind about this new report that Google Reader will be no more available in the coming days, means shutting down its Reader app. Now that, everyone looking for a replacement or best alternative to Google Reader app to get their feeds. How? Then comes a new aggregating site called Feedly, which claims it would try to clone the Google Reader API called Normandy.

With that announcement, Freedly has resulted in 500,000 new subscrbers in just 48 hours. The app is now available as a free app in Apple’s App Store. Freedly is an RSS reader that says Google’s decision to drop Reader service saw 500,000 users migrate to its service in fouty eight hours of time. In order to keep the Freedly service up, they have 10x bandwidth and added new servers, and also declared the following three items in the list, which would be be the “main priorities over the next 30 days”:

  1. To keep the service up
  2. Listen to new users for suggestions and
  3. Add features weekly.


Feedly’s goal are for the next thirty days, which are keeping up with all pf the new subscribers, listening to new members for suggestions and to add new features weekly. On July 1st, Google Reader will expire, if Google Readers switch to Feedly before it’s shutdown, users will be able to seamlessly transition to Feedly. Means, Google’s loss is purely Feedly’s gain!

To keep in touch with your favorite sites, blogs, RSS Feeds and Google Reader friends, Feedly is yet another alternative way to browse the content of your chosen sites you love and deliver them as fast mobile-optimized experience.

Feedly for Android smartphones and tablet would be act as a RSS news reader, which makes browsing faster, which can then transformed into pocket-sized cards and more. When you run Feedly on a phone like iPhone and on a slate like iPad, the configuration will automatically syncs between both devices.

While Feedly also offers two way sync with Google Reader; articles you read in feedly are automatically marked as read in the G-Reader, starred as well. RSS feeds you add to feedly are added directly to Google Reader automatically.

Sharing content using Feedly on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is pretty simple, either directly or using buffer you will be able to share them.

Feedly is also available as an add-on pack for Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browser, alongside downloadable on Android and iOS devices too.

Download Links provided below:


Feedly for iOS
Feedly for Android
Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Safari

Adobe Photoshop Touch Released For iPhone And Android Handsets

Adobe has finally made available of its Photoshop Touch app for the iPhone and Android devices, now for those who use a medium of full-sized device. Get ready to transforn images with core Photoshop features on your iPad / Android tablets. Last year, the Adobe’s Photoshop Touch was out for the aforementioned slates.

Today, such app for the iPhone and Android come with a feature-set that’s almost identical to the tablets with a new UI, optimized for the smaller screen of mobile phones. With so many accurate smartphones around, it seems only right and proper that one of the world’s leading software developers have taken the decision to extend the app with a new version now being available especially for smartphone devices.

The tablet version of Adobe Photoshop Touch has proven to be extremely popular with those users who require professional photo editing and manipulation features away from the company’s desktop Creative Suite pacakge. Abobe doesn’t add any additional functionality into the dedicated phone version, but with the software now being available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store offering the same identical set of features to its tablet counterpart.


Adobe’s phone version of Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android phones includes core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters and and multiple selection tools all manage to make an appearance in the palm of our hands. Photoshop Touch has also been crafted with a high level of precision to make editing photographs and images from a small device extremely accurate. Thinking about the differences between the existing tablet version and this newly released phone version come behind the scenes. Users who are familiar with using Photoshop on a desktop machine will be almost immediately at home with Photoshop Touch thanks to the inclusion of multiple core features and technologies.

The interesting aspect of the Adobe Creative Cloud means that users can now initiate a project on any Photoshop installation and finish it off on another device. Like full Photoshop CS6 installation on desktop machines, Photoshop Touch for tablets and smartphones are supported by the cloud experience.

However, the smartphone release of Photoshop Touch will set users back a one-off $4.99, with iOS users needing to have a device compatible of running iOS 6 or above. Android users will need their devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich or installed.


With  touch-optimized features like Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using just the finger, and Camera Fill for real-time blending of your camera feed with layers. This app features the same filters as the tablet version, like Colour Drops and Acrylic Paint, and also a new Ripple filter. As said above that the Photoshop Touch comes with support for Adobe Creative Cloud, that capability is available to every customer with a free Creative Cloud account.

The update included an interface optimized for 7-inch tablets, improved grid layout, two new effects, smoother brush strokes, quick access to last 5 colors, sharing options and various bug fixes.  The app is available for download via App Store or Google Play for Rs. 270.

(Source: Photoshop Touch for iPhone on App Store / Photoshop Touch for Android on Play Store)

Download Firefox 18 Final For Windows, Mac & Linux

Mozilla has updated the latest of its iterations, sixth-weekly upgrades to Firefox, pushing that web browser up to 18.0. As you may expect that the company has packaged it in a whole bunch of new features, and made some improvements that include a new JavaScript compiler, built-in PDF viewer, and the Retina support and many more. While most concern the overall running and general performance of the app (read: under the hood housekeeping), there are one or two which many will notice from the get-go. Details, where you can grab the new Firefox, are available after the break!

The Mozilla’s new version of Firefox is already available yesterday on the organization’s FTP servers, but those were just the installers being released. Firefox 18 has now officially been made available over the and all users of the Firefox older versions should be able to upgrade to its automatically. For those using the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Firefox can now be added onto the slowly growing list of apps which fully support the crisp resolution panel. The smaller, 13-inch model boasts an incredible 2560 x 1600 resolution, and now, those looking forward to rejoice a crisp browsing experience needn’t cling to the mediocrity Safari. The Android version has also been updated over on the official Google Play Store.


The biggest addition in this release would be the significant JVScript improvements. Firefox 18 also offers faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler, preliminary support for WebRTC, as well as improved general image quality thanks to an updated HTML scaling algorithm. The company promises the performance bump should be noticeable whenever Firefox is displaying Web apps, games, and other JavaScript-heavy pages.

Firefox 18 in terms of getting hold, you guys must know the drill by now. Aside from updating via the Firefox browser itself or you can even navigate to the, which will take you to the appropriate page on Mozilla’s webpage. It makes zero difference which way you feel inclined to update, but some suggest to have the installation file downloaded in a familar folder, and installed on their watch.


IonMonkey has been in development for a while, with the primary aim of enabling new optimizations that are impossible with the current JägerMonkey architecture. Which can emit faster native code translations of JavaScript functions on the ARM 32-and 64-bit platforms.

Firefox for Android meanwhile now includes search suggestions as you type: when you start typing into the Awesome Bar, Firefox will ask you if you’d like to opt-in to search suggestions. It also now has new phishing and malware features; it now warns you when you navigate to a site that may be used for malware or phishing. Here’s the full Android changelog.


Notably, the built-in PDF viewer is not included in this release, although it was in the Firefox 18 beta. Mozilla officially launched Firefox 17 on November 21. Firefox 18 has thus been released just seven weeks later. As you head over to the official download page, it will automatically detect your installed operating system, and prepare the file specific to your particular OS.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legitimately

Photoshop is a bond suite of creativity has seen by the overwhelming majority as the virtual one-party system of image editing and manipulation. Honestly, I am the one who installed on my Windows 7 PC and work with that using its creative suite features and plugins, apart this,whilst revered for its vast tool set, seemingly unlimited plugins and general, all-round power, now it’s out of the price range of many average users looking to learn / dabble in a little Photoshopping. Each year till now, Adobe upgraded its umbrella of Creative Suite products (encompassing Photoshop), with prices remaining higher than most other paid software out currently, now that the Adobe’s Photoshop has just gone for free of charge download!

Before you get into action “saving for Photoshop” piggy bank to splash on expensive chanpagne in rejoice, it’s important to note that we’re not talking about the latest version of Photoshop CS6, but talking about ten year old Photoshop Creative Suite (CS2). Legally, Adobe has grown tired of maintaining a bunch of activation servers to keep users on the right path of uniqueness, and has simply caved, instead releasing it free of cost.


Theoretically, this means it’ll be free for all time, whereas CS2 is missing some great features compared to the latest version releases, it’s certainly a clean late Chritmas / New Year’s present for those who love nothing than sitting at a computer and slipping into creative mode. Jovially, it sets an instance that the CS3 will soon become free as Adobe weighs up the costs of keeping activation servers running in relation to how many people would legitimately buy a decade-old software. Estimation?


However, CS2 is of course not a bad suite, and in my computer I am using Photoshop CS3, and about Creative Suite 2 this is a smart move from Adobe. Other than Creative Suite, quite a few would-be Photoshop users will have settled for cheaper or free alternatives, like the GIMP, but by giving everyone a taste of Photoshop through CS2, I can claim no one will go beyond Photoshop.


In order to grab their software from unfair mediums needs the prerequisite of an Adobe account – is the fact that the Mac version was designed for PowerPC devices, consequently you’ll need OS X 10.2.8-10/3.8, or Rosetta, in order to get things work up and running.

Here is the official link to take full advantage of this Adobe’s CS2 offer, please follow this channel.

Facebook Messenger For iPhone And Android Brings Free Calls To Friends, Voice Messages And More

Facebook has started it’s FB Messenger as an MSN-style instant-messaging service, but however grabs its place in a service complete with its pretty own app. Facebook has just updated its Messenger app for iPhone and Android with VoIP calling ability. When it broke away from the official Facebook mobile app, some discussed about two separate entities, but the Mark Zuck and his team men have continued to diagnose great features, it has become very clear that Messenger is worthy enough in its own identity. Today, the popular Facebook’s Messenger app for iOS and Android have been upgraded with even more fairies, such as thee ability to send out voice messages, along with call friends free of charge.

Facebook today began testing a new feature in its Messenger app that lets Candian users call each other for free anywhere they have WiFi or cellular data connection available. Every degree of our technological compass has been affected by the boom in smartphone and tablet adoption, while instant messaging was once a pretty cut-and-dried affair consisting of text, images, and the optional video or audio clips, we’re now at a stage whereby video and voice calling are also seen as a given.


The new version 2.1 of Facebook Messenger is now available for free download over at Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Play Store. Lets you record short voice messages for your friends, up to a minute of time limit. In that spirit, Facebook Messenger is quite the jack-of-all-trades, and when you consider its pre-existing abilities to group chat, send convenient messages, smilies, and even your location, there’s not really much missing.

Being an Facebook mobile application user can gain access by just updating this new feature automatically and take full advantage of the most popular social networking giant’s inclusion. With the new Facebook Messenger, you can now place voice calls to your Facebook contacts free of cost. It looks like Facebook, which some folks though would buy WhatsApp, is adamant to turn the Messenger app into a unified messaging solution.

Facebok-Messenger-for-iOS-2.0-iPhone Facebok-Messenger-for-iOS-Android

The release is noted in the change log as the feature allowing users to “Call friends for free right from Messenger.” But as demonstrated by the asterisk at the end of that particular note, which rather delightedly adds that free calling uses your existing data plan. This particular feature will begin rolling out during the course of the next week onwards, and would of course seem to tap into a Skype’s territory just a little.

Those outside Canada will today receive an update on both Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS that lets users send each other short “push to talk” voice messages (pictured). You can grab Facebook Messenger 2.1 right now via the App Store or Play Store link provided below. Absolutely free, with an array of bug fixes also throun into the mixer. It’s about 11MB in size, and requires you to be running iOS 4.3 or above.

However, you’ve been able to make free Skype, Vonage, or Viber calls over Wi-Fi and cellular data for some time, but far more people use Facebook than any of those services. Plus, Facebook Messenger has consistently hovered near the top of the App Stores to play.


(Source: Facebook Messenger on App Store and Play Store)

Google Releases Google Maps SDK Available For Native iOS Mapping Software

A few hours ago the Google search giant has released the download link for its long-awaited Google Maps for iPhone app, and now, Big G has made available of its SDK for its native iOS Maps, so that developers can bypass Apple’s. Using Google’s mapping solution within their own apps on Apple’s iOS platform.

Bypassing will give developers of applications that can use maps in either way on iOS devices as well as on Apple’s own mapping software, and in which they can choose them to use Google Maps instead.


In order to go along with its brand-new, built-from-scratch iOS Maps app, Google makes a new Software Developer Kit (SDK) that will allow dev’s to utilize its service within their own apps. The key is that the SDK allows access to a new URL scheme that lets you call up the application from anywhere you would like within your own.

Similarly like you got a contact management app. If you surface a person’s address, you could choose to launch Google Maps by default, rather than Apple’s iOS 6 offerings. And this newly launched Google Maps now supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with all new turn-by-turn navigation and transit & street view. Here’s what the Senior Product Manager on Google Maps, Andrew Fost, wrote about it on the Google Geo Developers blog:

The SDK features vector-based maps that load quickly, allowing users to easily navigate 2D and 3D views, rotating and tilting the map with simple gestures inside your app. Developers can also change the Google maps view to include information such as traffic conditions, and control camera positions in 3D. Access to API keys is being progressively rolled out to developers who register interest.”

Obviously hoping that developers will choose to use their SDK to included Google Maps in their applications on iOS rather an Apple Maps. Google on its own way along with calling up the app, it can be fully woven in, so if you have developed an app like Foursquare, you could choose to use all of Google’s real-time data, information and graphics.

Important to note that – tapping a route within any type of app can fire off Google Maps, like shown below.


The SDK documentation along with URL scheme instructions, are ready-made available on Google’s Developer site right now. If any developer to experience it must have to register for API access, which means that there’s no telling how long it will take to see our first apps with Google Maps to cook. May be in the New Year?

Yahoo Updates Flickr App For iPhone, Adds 16 New Filters Like Instagram-Style And More

Yesterday Yahoo! Mail gets an overhaul and now Yahoo has just announced the second upgrade to its photo-sharing app, Flicker for iOS, which brings all new Intragram-inspired features, adds 16 filters to tweak your personal photographs and many more. Check out the details on availability and download links after the jump!

With a new version of its Flickr iOS app, which has been stripped down, completely redesigned and relaunched in a bid to get people back using the photo-sharing service. Yahoo has given the app a fresh and modern look that allows users to immediately log in using their existing Yahoo account, while using their Facebook credentials. Adds simple Sign-ins, with an option to use Google account as well. But this feature is hidden from the front page, reason why? We’re not sure about it!

Finally, the new Yahoo’s Flickr iPhone app has received sixteen new filters together with support Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email sharing, along with group sharing ability, which up until today were only available through Flickr website.

Yahoo with some tweaking options and new filters also revamped the Profiles section within the Flickr app with sets, Gropus, Favorites, Photos Of and Contacts options, are also added to the Photostream pane for easy access….!

The all-new Flickr App is a complete redesign of the previous version.  It’s now easier to use, more beautiful and includes more of the great features you love using on

Once logged in, the Flickr app provides tooltips that will help you walk you through its features, showing everything about where options are located and how to use gestures to favorite a photo and on. Particularly, the app takes cues from other image-sharing application – the Instagram – but it also borrows heavily from its Android app. Which Yahoo updated it in August, overhauling its user interface to add a new tabber, new ways to explore, the editing of metadata and a whole host of other new inclusions.

Similar to Instagram, it’s same for the iPhone app, which groups your contacts most recent updates on the main screen, allowing you to favorite them with a simple double-tap. Like Instagram, Flickr offers a tab that groups photos based on favoritism or by location, and similar to Twitter, enables users to add filters to images.

Yahoo with 16 genuine camera filters, provides a quick and an unique way to snap, filter it and share images pretty quickly using Flickr’s own tools. With easy sign-up options, Flickr’s app is well-placed to on-board users quickly, giving them another photo-sharing app to add to their arsenal.

The Yahoo Flicker iOS app is now available for free of charge, can be downloaded from the link provided below.

(Source: Flickr for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on iTunes App Store)

Will the new app lure people back to Flickr away from the 100 million user strong Instagram?

Yahoo! Mail Gets Redesigned, Updated With Brand New Apps For iPhone, Android And Windows 8 Released

The day 12-12-12 Yahoo Mail users were surprised by an upgrade that never went through for a long time, and it’s dated interface is cluttered, especially to more modern interface like those in Gmail and Yahoo! may have been bullied from its once-popular web position by the likes of Google, but the Sunnyvale-based company still has gone something to offer. Yahoo! Mail today released a glut of new mail apps targeting those on iOS, Windows 8 and Android, along with by getting a total redesigned look its web-based offering, and we’ve got all the best details after the jump.

Now, the new Yahoo’s Mail client has got a major overhaul with emphasis on fewer distractions, revamped with speed and a cleaner, modern look. Yahoo! Mail now allows users to get through their emails more faster than ever before and the inbox is now more intuitive and easier to navigate as well.

The Yahoo Mail has been redesigned to be not only easier to use and more attractive, but faster as well. Of course, the web client (as well as the Android iteration) of Yahoo has been around for a while, but by bringing a host of new features –also added a version for the new Windows 8 and Apple’s iPhone – Yahoo has broadened its potential reach. As Marissa Mayer writes on the Yahoo blog, the focus is now on your messages more, rather than all the distracting other navigational elements.

Yahoo! Mail also now has a consistent look and feel across devices and platforms. First of all you’ll notice when using any of the new clients, are the aesthetic alterations. The web offering user interface – which will trick out to users over the coming days – has been revamped, and as long-time user of Yahoo!, I honestly love this new design and look. The quintessential Yahoo! Purple is as prominent as ever, but the general user experience is far smoother than ever before.

Best of all, the upgraded site is supposedly twice as fast and there’s more advanced spam protection. And the entire batch of new apps got by Yahoo, being an user you’ll want to straight away grab the corresponding client specific to your device.

Yahoo! Email is the ultimate daily habit. The regularly used one that we check in the morning and the last thing before going to bed, it’s often the first thing for me. Checking Yahoo Messenger for a live chat and after reading my emails from the Mail client for daily status updates is my another major work to do. Yahoo! could have pushed out new apps offering a variety of features, but in keeping things simple and focusing on ease-of-operation, the American company is fairly trying to make the business of sending and receiving mails as painless as possible.

When compared to other e-mail clients like Google’s Gmail service, it may be one of the most commonly-utilized nowadays, but Yahoo! still has a pretty substantial following, and with these newly altered apps it certainly improves the mailing to help boost the service’s profile moving forward and becomes the one of the simplest and most basic forms of communication.

The links to each client are linked below to upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail on the site. Download them, give them a try! The mobile apps are also being updated for the same purple-y look and feel.

(Source: Yahoo! Mail for Android on Play Store, for iOS on App Store, and Windows 8 on Windows Store)

Instagram v3.2 For iPhone And Android Hits App Store Adds New Filter, Revamped Camera, Editing Feature And More

The equation that made by Facebook acquiring it for close to a billion dollars all those months ago, it’s clear to say Instagram hasn’t changed a fair deal. The tried-and-tested method of facilitating photos, filters, likes and comments hasn’t gotten any less popular as we neared the end of 2012, and today, Instagram has rolled out with a couple of new features to keep Instafans happy-snapping.

The update received by those running on iOS and Android, and though it’s fair to say the enhancements won’t set the world descend, they’ll obviously help improve the experience all-inclusive.

Talking about the Insttagrams’ update first, the breads-and-butter camera functionality has been exclusively improved, with iOS Camera Roll now integrating a smoother interface with the app. While most of the users opt to upload and share photographs already taken as opposed to the trial-and-error method of shooting images using Instagram camera, and thanks to the new integration, selecting directly from your stored collection of pictures is a great deal more streamlined than it was ever before.

Now, Instagram has well and truely popularized the filtering of images using a one-click process and whereas the system has organically come under some scrunity from photography enthusiast, which it continues to be the staple part of the Instagram network naturally. Most portion of images uploaded to the Instagram servers are well treated with some kind of hazy overlay, and for those whom cannot get enough of this treat of “editing,” a new filter by the name of Willow has been also added.

Instagram now also offers integration with Foresquare, with a dedicated button on location pages that opens up the app (or mobile web version), and gives the ability to grab further information of your current surroundings as well.

With this latest release of Instagram app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the tilt-shift blur feature is also been improved, and now actually publishes the edit as you prepared. When compared to the earlier versions, discrepancies between the tilt-shift edits previewed and those eventually published made the feature a tad bit hit-and-miss, but now, everything appears to have been cleared up in the newer update.

Both the iOS and Android versions are now available as – free of charge, can be downloaded below from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store officially.  (source Instagram)