Download Windows Server 2012 RTM Now Via MSDN And TechNet

Server administrators win-doors trumps; Microsoft has just, as earlier promised, launched the new Windows Server 2012. An official RTM ISO was leaked to the to the public, enabling people to get access to the latest server edition OS almost a month in advance. We ever and never recommend to get downloaded any leaked Windows 8 RTMs, advised to go through the official channels like the MSDN and TechNet.

Microsoft has confirmed at Tech Ed in New Zealand that today (Sept. 4th), Windows Server 2012 RTM will be available for purchase and download as planned. The Redmond company initially confirmed that the RTM build of the said operating system would be first released to developers on 4th, and the software maker certainly hasn’t disappointed, as the new Server 2012 RTM bits are almost available as of today for both the partnered TechNet and MSDN subscribers.

Next month is all set for the Windows 8 for public launch, Microsoft has never been busier, and as well as enhancing the Xbox 360’s services and preparing the many editions of the new Metro-tiled OS, the familiar associated projects that have also been seen to be running pretty smoothly.

As with the release of Windows Phone, New Zealand will be the first country in the world to be able to purchase and download Windows Server 2012 due to their position near the international date line, with more countries available as the clock strikes 12 am.

If you’re a New Zealand resident, then you’ll be one to be getting the opportunity to purchase and download the Windows Server 2012 thanks to being ahead of virtually every other nation release. After when the clock strikes twelve in other countries across the world, they will also be able to trifle in the new release, and after the warm reception of the the leaked Windows Server 2012 ISO last month. However the leaked ISO replicates the official release, but as usual head over to the official channel links to grab your copy downloads.

Windows Server 2012 RTM launched and available from MSDN and TechNet subscription
The RTM of Windows Server 2012 marks the introduction of a situation of Microsoft releases in the upcoming months, and while Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s head of Server and Tools Business, points to its launch as a statement in the company’s project to create the so-called “Cloud OS”.

All about the topic, he explained about how they covered the cloud-focused Windows Server 2012 in traditional glory:

“The Cloud OS expands to include services and technologies that have not previously been considered part of an operating system, [bringing] together all the services required by end users, developers and IT to truly reap the benefits of the Cloud.

With the release of Microsoft’s SkyDrive, the company have made no secret of its frenzy to seamlessly integrate cloud service into its software, and it will no doubt deliver on those promises in order to satisfy consumers. Apple with its new iteration of its web-based ventures, has turned iCloud into a relative success only a year in, and with Windows 8 bridge tablets, smartphones and various other consumer electronics, the pressure is most obviously on the most popular and highly successful software company of all time.

With the release of Windows 8 RTM to MSDN and TechNet subcribers last month and Now:

Windows Server 2012 RTM for MSDN subscribers
Windows Server 2012 RTM for TechNet subscribers