Download Windows 8 RTM Now From TechNet And MSDN, Finally Available For Everyone!

It’s finally here! Been announced officially at CES in early 2011 and went through three different previews (Developer, Consumer and Release) and recently announced to be a code complete, release to manufacturing version of Windows 8 (RTM) is finally available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Details after this jump!

This final code-complete of Windows 8 is much important release for Microsoft for a couple of reasons. First of all its an major update to Microsoft’s desktop operating system which is one of their best three, revenue-generating products; with its success tied up directly to Microsoft’s overall success in the top computing market. Secondly, it’s targeted constantly on touchscreens offering a specific Windows RT edition of Windows 8 (with no traditional desktop interface) that works only on ARM-based tablets competing with the Apple iPad and tablets based on Android.

It has been two weeks since Microsoft signed it on Windows 8, and shipped the final code (9200) to manufacturers preparing new computers. Today, some of the other gettings their hands on the code: developers, and IT professionals with subscriptions to Microsoft’s TechNet program. Microsoft gave us an early peek at the RTM build — the same software that will ship to consumers October 26th.

The subscribers can get this final RTM, But it also posted a 90-day evaluation copy of Windows 8 (release to manufacturing) that anyone can download.

Apart this, the move towards touch-screen oriented user interface, Windows 8 includes a huge number of all new features like Windows Store for apps, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), and all new task manager, Easy Restore / Refresh for quickly reinstalling Windows 8 on your PC, cloud integration, and Xbox Live integration and on.

We have been aware of looking at Windows 8, Microsoft had added more color themes for the Start Screen.Now, however, you can add one of 14 “personalization tattoos,” patterned backgrounds and borders that line that Start Screen. The below screenshot says everything about customizing Windows 8 Release to Manufacuring with multi-colored birds and dancing flowers and more.

If you’re a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, you can head on over to the links embedded at the end of this post to start downloading Windows 8 RTM and get your license key.

“Downloading Windows 8 Enterprise now, with an Enterprise Multiple Activation key,” said Ken Schannen, in a message posted on the TechNet discussion thread. “you’ll also see Windows 8 Pro with 3 keys available.”

The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) download site listed all versions of Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturing), including Windows 8, and Windows Enterprise. The last targets businesses that have volume licensing plans in place.

Now, you’re part of the general public i.e. without TechNet / MSDN access, you will have to wait till October 26th when Windows 8 is released to retailers. After launch, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from XP, Vista or 7 for the price of a $39.99 download. If you prefer a packaged, DVD version, that will cost $69.99.

Note: If you aren’t a subscriber, then for year-long TechNet subscriptions start at $199, while the least-expensive MSDN subscription — which lets members access only operating systems — costs $699.

To download the 90-day try-before-you-buy — available in 32- and 64-bit versions. You can check out the features that are offered by different versions here and download starts at this official Microsoft website.

Windows 8 RTM for MSDN subscribers
Windows 8 RTM for TechNet subscribers

Once you do install Windows 8 RTM on your PC using a USB Drive of booting a DVD or used to be installed and running on any method, we’re sure you will be taking adavantage of this final one of Windows 8. Expect an in-depth review, tips, tricks and for other different aspects will be covered soon when its officially launched on October 26th.