The last pre-release build drop before Windows 8 is released to manufacturing has landed

Download Windows 8 Release Preview ISO 64-Bit And 32-Bit [Official Direct Links]

Microsoft has officially announced that the Windows 8 RP, the company’s final pre-release build of version 8 has arrived. Dubbed the Release Preview, the build sports quite a few useful changes and improvements along with some enhancements made over the Consumer Preview.

Actually, few days back, the Chinese version of Windows 8 Release Preview was leaked (build 8400) before the announcement with some noteworthy changes but in Chinese language. This final Win 8 RC packs a number of improvements – which we’ll be detailing you shortly. It doesn’t only inclde a few things that Microsoft plans to bake into the OS by the release. First of, Microsoft recently unveiled that the Aero UI that has been present in the Windows ecosystem since Vista being axed, while the Aero transparency is still in this RP build.

The last pre-release build drop before Windows 8 is released to manufacturing has landed

The company also suggests that even more changes can match our expections all the final way to RTM process, which is unusual for the Windows product. Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows at Microsoft said, “If we are successful in that, then we are tracking to our shared goal of having PCs with Windows 8 and Windows RT available for the holidays.

Compared to Developer Preview – released during BUILD last summer – topped the 500,000 download mark in 24 hours, and Cunsumer Preview – released in February – topped one million downloads within the first 24 hours of its release and Window CP is still downloading by users and made its 24 million so far, and over the next two months Microsoft would be getting updates from the new code, build 8400, with the focus on making the beta more stable than the current Windows 7 release.

Remind you developers, don’t forget to also download the Windows Driver Kit 8 along with Visual Studio 2012, which includes the Windows 8 SDK. So that you can test on Metro apps and get ready to ship not long after Windows 8 itself does.

Eager to grab one. Simply select which architecture you’d like to (the build was released in both x64 and x86 flavors, however recommended is the 64-bit if your system supports powered with Intel i5 chip), burn the ISO, and install the build!

The latest release needs 16GB of space for 32-bit users or 20GB for 64-bit systems and comes in 14 languages, including American English, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. The download has included the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) integrated with Adobe Flash and a touch feature that allows users to flick ahead and back in page views.

In these pre-release build versions of Windows 8 32/63-bit, the “do not track” feature is switched on by default and Microsoft has got new lock-down features to restrict access to questionable content that will no doubt inspire some kids to learn a little bit about programming.

Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in 14 languages.

With the latest applications for Hotmail, SkyDrive cloud storage, and Messenger have also been added and more apps are promised from third parties though. After Windows 8 is RTMed, Microsoft will locks the major changes and moves into servicing mode for the existing systems. Updates and fixes will be distributed via the Windows Update system.

Fo your kind information, no date has been set for the final release of Windows 8 RC (Release Candidate), by the Software company is starting a voucher scheme on June 2nd that will give new PC buyers a voucher for an upgrade to Windows 8 on release for $14.99 or similar. While this offer runs up until January 2013, 31st.

The latest fine-tuned beta version of Window 8 is now available for your testing pleasure. It's free

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Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview (64-bit)
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Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview (32-bit)
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