Download OS X Mountain Lion Theme / Transformation Pack For iPad [DreamBoard]

Want to make your iPad look like the Mountain Lion as possible? There’s a Dreamboard theme that can bring an almost complete experience for your tablet!

Before you get into in transforming your iPad, you have to note that your devices have to be jailbroken first. iOS jailbreak is a part and an excellent way to introduce additional functionality to the already great user-inteface which the Cupertino packs into their mobuile devices like the iPhone, iPod touch and exclusively popuar iPad tablet. Along with introducing new features sets to the device, userrs can install packages, tweaks and enhancements that alter the way the operating system functions and change substantial parts of it to suit their own tastes and usage methods. Not only talking about tweaks and system changes, but some users might be interested in altering the visual of the device rather than making it through Apple’s own aesthetic view.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) is made for a world where your computer is just one of your machine computing along with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Cydia is is bundled with theme packages and submissions on a daily basis, and the majority of them don’t even come close to offering an enhanced visual experience on the device and this is almost exceptional. The OS X Mountain Lion for iPad could just be one of those themes which falls into a category and is available now to download, not from a default repository but from the independant ThemeIt app. Mountain Lion, and OS X in genera, is a pretty great Mac operating systems with awesome icons and a lot of attention paid to user-interface elements. This transformation pack is probably the coolest iPad users will get to transform that experience on their mobile devices.

The skin of OS X Mountain Lion for iPad is a Dreamboard based theme, which turns your tablet that entirely depends on having the Dreamboard theming tweak installed on the device before it can be activated. Contains that you can actually expect from the original premium theme, includes over fifty actual OS X Mountain Lion wallpapers, and the ability to make use of OS X 10.8 widgets, like sticky notes, weather, click and calculator directly on the desktop. Details after the jump!

This theme is a full and complete OS X Mountain Lion experience available for the iPad, and it’s functionality exactly like a Mac. The theme also features a fully functional and animated Dock with access to Launchpad and Mission Control functionality, as well as authentic drop-down menus that give access to About This Mac and Finder instances.

If you are an new iPad owner, then no worry this theme is fully packed with Retina-ready for a gorgeous look on display, with the next update to the theme also promising to bring fully-functioning Windows minimization. Honestly to say the DreamBoard themes are excellent custom replacement utilities that does a little bit of getting used to how everything works and fits your thoughts, however it’s worth investing in OS X Mountain Lion for iPad if you want an amazing and powerful theme that totally changes the visuals of the iPad.

Yesterday, I have shared you with the Aero DreamBoard theme for iPhone, to bring all new window look to your device. A few days back we also featured the OS X Pad HD iPad DreamBorad theme, though that specific transformation comes packed with tons of features, like moveable window just like we acquainted to in the full-blown desktop version of OS X, but the major difference where OS X Mountain Lion for iPad theme wins is; Launchpad and Mission Control. Both themes comes with their own pros and cons, but it all boils the personal choice of the user in a better manner. Don’t wait and just bring both the themes for an epic OS X experience on the iPad right now.

OS X Mountain Lion makes the Mac event better with the best features and now with this theme for iPad it looks almost complete. I got this from the ModMyi repo, and thankful to him.

OS X Mountain Lion for iPad is available as a $1.99 download from the ThemeIt app and requires a jailbroken iPad and the DreamBoard app installed.