OS X Mavericks 10.9 GM Download Now Available On Mac Dev Center

Apple has started rolling out the OS X Mavericks Gold Master (build: 13A598), to those already registered their membership in the Mac Developer Program. This is the next major update for OS X 10.9 seeded to all Mac Devs.

After seeding OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 8 to the devs over two weeks ago, Apple’s latest new operating system for its computing lineup – OS X Mavericks 10.9, pushed to Gold Master (GM) level. Now available for developers and AppleSeed users to download and play around with. Full details after the fold!

OS X Mavericks 10.9
If you’re a registered developer or user, now its time to go ahead and grab the GM version for OX Mavericks as you desire. The GM release indicates that the work on OS X Mavericks is basically completed, and thye OS might be shipping out to general public (consumers) really soon.

Point to be noted – if you do have access to AppleSeed, and want to take advantage of a first peek at what Mavericks is all about in its close-to-final form? Obviously, there are alternative ways to obtain GM version build, as well.

OS X Mavericks’s release of this Gold Master goes in line with earlier reports that Apple would push the 10.9 Mavericks OS to a GM build by either the end of this week, or the beginning of the next week. Now, what actually you get from the Final version of OS X Mavericks – includes major new features such as Finder tabs, document tags, better multiple display support, improvements to Safari, new Maps app, new iBooks app and lots more.

The latest reports that says Apple had started training its AppleCare support staff for OS X Mavericks, and should customers find the need. However, there is still lot more to come with this front, so stay tuned to Vsszone.

First and foremost fact is that Mavericks is highly inspired by iOS, and aims to bridge further the gap between the Apple’s mobile and dcesktop operating system platforms. With more features getting replicated in both environments, things are bound to improve, enhance and power up the desktop system. Of course this would be a possitive sign!

Note: Apple has also seeded GM build of Xcode 5.0.1, so that developers can use it build and submit apps for Mavericks. Released an update for iPhoto 9.4.7 as well, that ”addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly on launch when running OS X Mavericks GM Seed.”

Officially, the GM build for OS X Mavericks is being seeded, and can be grabbed a separate new download in the Mac App Store. Such builds actually distributed via sharing and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, but it’s not much and not adviced from those networks.

Download the OS X Mavericks 10.9 GM seed by logging into Mac Dev Center. Developer, let us know how it goes and if you’ve found anything interesting.