Official YouTube App For PlayStation Vita Now Available For Download

Sony has finally released the much hotly-anticipated YouTube client for its portable gaming device ‘PlayStation Vita’ owners, as promised that they were planning to bring the YouTube services to PS Vita in the past, today rolled out the application for all gamers to experience the joy.

The official YouTube app eas pushed to the PlayStation Vita owners through a simple download link. Considering the higher popularity of the service enjoyed by all the people in the world and the fact that it is a nember one video viewing website, an official app for the Vita was always going to drop a storm with those handled owners who want to transformed the device’s gaming capabilities.

If you think you are one of those who are waiting for the launch? Here’s is the latest Sony announcement of YouTube Vita app will be available as a free of charge download later today and could already be available in your territory. To take full advantage of the Sony’s woofing high-defenition screen as well as the fact that it features with 3G Streaming functionality, the YouTube app joins the party with its high-profile apps that are expnading the portfolio of software available for the PS Vita.

What’s new native experience brought by YouTube for Vita owners? Fact its been a video uploadinf site, millions of already uploaded videos will be available for immidiate streaming and viewing on the device, taking advantage of the much loved OLED display that takes center stage. Using YouTube apps, is extremely simple and the software doesn’t include any difficulties. User will also have the chance to add videos and able to view any selected videos either small-screen or full-screen modes, which already implemented in the app as the on-screen interface options.

The developer team has also added a recommended videos feature that displays YouTube’s recommended media for the user, the integration allows users the much nneded search options and represents the end-user with the ability to look back at the historical timeline of what has been watched earlier. Of course, account sign-in supported, with the added functionality of being able to quickly upload videos to the list of favorites that will be available on any device that the account is viewed from.

The newly release app will be a git for those using the PlayStation Vita’s  built-in browser to view YouTube videos through the website. With millions of uploaded videos already made available, with the fact considering its a free of charge download and supports 720p video playback, surely makes many users happy.