Download iOS 6 Inspired Theme For Windows 8 And 7 To Turn Your PC Into An iPhone Style Computer

We have already linked you with some best iPhone 5 themes, but today we will show you how to transform your Windows into an iO6 mobile operating system. Regardless of whether your desktop PC’s operating system of choice has that Microsoft feel about it, or bends more towards an Apple inspired offering.

With Windows 8 launch, Microsoft is reporting a recent surge in profits that has lot to do with the success of Win 8 OS. However, Mac OS X is currently raising its most successful spell to date with Apple reaping the stock benefits that come attached with the current surge in user adoption.

Apart this, being an PC user, you will like to check out this iOS inspired theme that is now available for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 installations. Customization tools like Themes and Skin packs have often changed the users mind with PCs. Some might not be interested and stay with its native look and feel of their official operating system and don’t ever imagine deviating from the manufacturer standard. Like me, on the other hand, users love the functionality provided with Windows but covet the visuals of OS X and iOS. For that, most of them gain satisfaction from these skins packs/themes.


Unlike the earlier theme which is named after Apple’s favorite mobile operating system but it’s accurate that the inspiration has been taken from the fruit company’s desktop software. Transformation of the visuals on Windows is fairly straightforward and it involves little more than running through a standard installation process that most Windows based users will go through on a regular basis.


Downloading and installing the iOS 6 inspired theme on Windows 8/7 will turn your desktop PC into a real iPhone style computer. But it’s worth noting that uninstalling themes or skin packs of this nature could sometimes prove to be problematic, if anything goes wrong, can require a full operating system restore (Windows OS installation). So, make sure to create a restore point in System Restore utility before going ahead with the install.



Once the theme installed, users will surely find some visual changes from what they have been previously used to on their machine. The Rocket Dock (OS X Dock) makes a rather front and center appearance, with battery, calendar, menu and other visuals all suddenly looking like iOS 6 / OS X on Windows desktop.


This is worthy installation which provides you are into such customization with some subtle changes like the inclusion of application type icons and themes directory folders makes some sense. For that, you can check out for yourself by downloading it from here.