Download Google Play Store App V3.5.16 APK For Android Removes Country Restrictions

After getting various isuues reports from the Android users, Google has now updated its Play Store to the version 3.5.16 to make its online app store more easy to resolve. The APK file is compatible to Android 2.2 or higher versions of mobile OS which is now your one stop shop for all your existing games, tweaks, tricky puzzles, and productive task-managers, country restrictions can be of extreme annoyance.

If you have an Android, it wouldn’t be outlandish of you to presume your device hones the ability do run any app gracing the Play Store. Not so; because as well as issues with compatibility – some apps are only compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich, or Gingerbread – there comes a time for nearly every Droid user where, in trying to install an app, you’ll find it just won’t happen if you don’t live in a supported country.

This comes in the form of Senior Member Deeco7, who’s put together a modified Google Play Store .APK, rendering those annoying country restrictions as a thing of the past. Once installed, you’ll be able to download whatever you want from Google’s recently-renamed mobile app hub – providing, of course, that your device is compatible.

Here’s a simply tutorial if you feel like trying out the modded .APK files.

DISCLAIMER: VVS Zone will not be responsible for any lose of data or device damage as a result of you following this guide. Proceed at your own risk with caution!

Step 1: Download the modded .APK file from the original thread over at XDA.

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer.

Step 3: Place the .APK on your device, but don’t use adb install; it won’t work since the Play Store file will already exist.

Step 4: Open the .APK with a file explorer of your choosing, and install. When prompted as to whether you wish to replace the current Play Store app, you’ll want to select “Yes”.

Step 5: After a short install process, that’s it. Your new, modded unrestricted Play Store app will be in full flow.