Download Firefox 18 Final For Windows, Mac & Linux

Mozilla has updated the latest of its iterations, sixth-weekly upgrades to Firefox, pushing that web browser up to 18.0. As you may expect that the company has packaged it in a whole bunch of new features, and made some improvements that include a new JavaScript compiler, built-in PDF viewer, and the Retina support and many more. While most concern the overall running and general performance of the app (read: under the hood housekeeping), there are one or two which many will notice from the get-go. Details, where you can grab the new Firefox, are available after the break!

The Mozilla’s new version of Firefox is already available yesterday on the organization’s FTP servers, but those were just the installers being released. Firefox 18 has now officially been made available over the and all users of the Firefox older versions should be able to upgrade to its automatically. For those using the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Firefox can now be added onto the slowly growing list of apps which fully support the crisp resolution panel. The smaller, 13-inch model boasts an incredible 2560 x 1600 resolution, and now, those looking forward to rejoice a crisp browsing experience needn’t cling to the mediocrity Safari. The Android version has also been updated over on the official Google Play Store.


The biggest addition in this release would be the significant JVScript improvements. Firefox 18 also offers faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler, preliminary support for WebRTC, as well as improved general image quality thanks to an updated HTML scaling algorithm. The company promises the performance bump should be noticeable whenever Firefox is displaying Web apps, games, and other JavaScript-heavy pages.

Firefox 18 in terms of getting hold, you guys must know the drill by now. Aside from updating via the Firefox browser itself or you can even navigate to the, which will take you to the appropriate page on Mozilla’s webpage. It makes zero difference which way you feel inclined to update, but some suggest to have the installation file downloaded in a familar folder, and installed on their watch.


IonMonkey has been in development for a while, with the primary aim of enabling new optimizations that are impossible with the current JägerMonkey architecture. Which can emit faster native code translations of JavaScript functions on the ARM 32-and 64-bit platforms.

Firefox for Android meanwhile now includes search suggestions as you type: when you start typing into the Awesome Bar, Firefox will ask you if you’d like to opt-in to search suggestions. It also now has new phishing and malware features; it now warns you when you navigate to a site that may be used for malware or phishing. Here’s the full Android changelog.


Notably, the built-in PDF viewer is not included in this release, although it was in the Firefox 18 beta. Mozilla officially launched Firefox 17 on November 21. Firefox 18 has thus been released just seven weeks later. As you head over to the official download page, it will automatically detect your installed operating system, and prepare the file specific to your particular OS.