Dolphin Browser Beta For Android Gets Updated With New Dolphin Engine Now Available For Download APK

One of the most popular peperonity (mobile) browser from Dolphin is pretty much connected to any devices, either its on desktop machine, smartphone/tablet or a games console, is being able to get onto the internet and search for best marvels available out there. In order to achieve this the device in question of course needs to have some kind of web browser application integrated which can act as a medium between the device and user. Google after releasing their Chrome browser onto the iOS App Store, mobile web browsing has become the most popular topic in discussion these days, especially the performance issues that surround browsing.

After the launch of Chrome iOS app, a number of questions and focused on the fact that Google weren’t able to access Nitro JavaScript engine of Apple’s innovative technology, and the Google Chrome didn’t gave lightning fast browsing, a fact that is relevant to the third-party browsers on the iOS platforms been. In order to process a browsing speed topic, the makers of Dolphin HD browser for Android have released an updated browser version and is currently offered in a beta capacity but also promises to ring a whole new level interface of web browsing technology to Android powered mobile smartphones.

This latest release brings the Dolphin browser up to version 8.7.0 and drops the “HD” from its name as if it never existed. Considering the existing Dolphin Browser is one of the more accomplished offerings available for Android devices, the introduction and promise of a lighting fast browsing experience is actually quite exciting for users.  This updated version is also said to be bringing notable speed increases that claims to be up to ten times faster than the default Android browser.

However, the new Dolphin experience scores extremely high on the HTML5 support test that is offered over at With the HTML5 language playing a more prominent role in new and emerging websites, offering this advanced support for HTML5 is vital. The latest update to Dolphin brings along with the name change, the bookmark deletion processes have been made easier, dolphin connect is now faster and more stable, there is an easy access shortcut to dolphin sonar from the homescreen. Apart from the address bar now has a cleaner design, the landscape keyboard view has been optimized for some devices, and there are “various stability and performance improvements.”

With the full support for those lucky users who are using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on devices like the new Nexus 7. Dolphin browser Version 1.0.4 is also said to be 100% faster than the native Chrome browser that is offered on Jelly Bean as well as bringing full support for web worker, web sockets and web audio as well as WebGL.

The developers have also brought some serious stability enhancements and improvements for all devices powered by Android 2.3 and above. For those who are not happy of not getting and running Android Jelly Bean on their devices. If you want to update, just head over to the Google Play store to update the Dolphin Browser.

A browser that offers lighting fast web support for users on Android. If you are interested in trying out this latest beta version v1.0.4 of the Dolphin Browser, you can grab the required APK file from the source thread at XDA-Developers.

Download Dolphin Browser For Android 2.1 or above [Google Play link]