Rumored: Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post

Digg Rumored To Be Acquired By The Washington Post

What would be your most used bookmarking site ever since you have started your internet business? Yes is the one that has seen the highest of the hights and the lowest of lows. Today we have read a post on TheNextWeb that tips from multiple sources that Digg may have found a suitor by way of The Washington Post.

Remind you that this Social bookmarking site was actually launched in 2004 developed by Kevin Rose, who now works at Google. Digg in the past seen as a site that spreadheaded the Web 2.0 era which has been targeted by companies like Big G (Google).

Rumored: Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post

While rumors tells us different words and which are exceptional and untrusted, and if this news is true, then finally Digg have found its exit way. But what would be the asking price of this social bookmarking site, we don’t know. While Digg has raised 45 Million to date now.

About Digg there are millions of users out there login to set their traffic from that place, simply by placing a link or other way submitting links, those were pushed to the homepage directly of the site, a massive new visitors were be expected that way. Many of them has created groups in Digg with votes, and even trying to pay off its top users in return for a Digg.

Before The Washington Post has hired the slashdot’s founder Rob Malda to head up the WaPo labs division. But now the same site “The Washington Post” has making a big step towards strengthening its social powers, to see bigger results with its Facebook social reader app.

Check this out: Kevin Rose infamously introduced a great new site called Digg on a screensavers TV segment called “slashdot killers“, without mentioning that he was behind it:

This was from TheNextWeb source and when we go through other sites like the Techcrunch, said that The Washington Post is acquiring Digg’s staff only and not the site or its assists.

This update was according to the Allthingsd following the report, says WaPo bought Digg’s technology team but not the business, and while the current Digg management will need to figure out what to do with the site and assets.

If its true that The Washington Post is only acquiring the team behind Digg and not more than that. What do you think about Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post? If yes then post your comments below with your thoughts.