Diablo 3 Linux Users Auto-Banned By Blizzard, How To Get Rid Of It?

What the hell is this, still Linux-Wine users who play Diablo 3 are not happy, because they are still hammered by Blizzard’s auto-ban service. It said that, you can try and try hard but you won’t be getting your money back if you get perma-banned from Diablo III playing on Linux. The system in particularly says that it doesn’t care about anything or you, the Linux users and don’t care that you aren’t getting what you paid for, protest it and for that others have chance to fill that gap.

According to the WineHQ forums who have already seen many Linux users complaining about the auto-ban situation. Back in in July when the Linux debacle for Diablo III went public, there were a lot of people saying that it wasn’t that big of a deal, it only affected a small group of players. But, auto-bans went into effect a few weeks after Linux users started to play the game.

Some say that Blizzard is only banning cheaters, but the problem comes straigt forward that there has been any admission on Blizzard’s side that folks playing Diablo 3 0n Linux-Wine were caught cheating enough. Although, Blizzard avoided personally dealing with the Linux users, and instead sent out automated responses.

Just part of the epic fail that is always-on DRM: if you’re one got banned and want to appeal it (even to play game in single-player mode), you can’t, even you’ll get a refund. If you’re running WineHQ and you’ve been banned from Diablo III, you should let Blizzard know. Unsupported on Linux, but it doesn’t mean that you should be abused and banned after playing $60.

How consumer friendly. Blizzard is just making a bad name for itself to Linux players by any concrete evidence supplied by Blizzard to confirm that the auto-bans which took place was a result of direct service exploitation.

What do you think about Blizzard’s entire situation, needs to look into the entire context and re-examine their next step?