download the free app Cut the Rope: Experiments by ZeptoLab UK Limited time period [hurry]

Cut The Rope: Experiments For iOS And Android Now Available In App Store For Free [Limited Time]

Here’s one of the most popular and top of best list of iOS games ever, which has got its update by adding new leaderboards and achievements with 25 new levels and more. Comparing to Angry Birds gets into the version Angry Birds Sapce and when in case in point Cut the Rope, which has now upgraded to experimental. One of my favorite iPhone game with having best levels of physics-based puzzler, its starts the cleverty titled Om Nom, where player have to feed by cutting the rope, while holding food at the optimum time, so that the candy falls into the mouth.

download the free app Cut the Rope: Experiments by ZeptoLab UK Limited time period [hurry]

The developers “ZeptoLab” responsible for the amazing Cut the Rope series have released a big update for Cut the Rope: Experiments and made available in Google Play Store, which the upgrade brought upto 25 more brand new levels, and a latest robotic arm as an added gameplay features. While the achievements are to collect, new leaderboards, and a newer photo of Om Nom – who the cuddy creature who you have to feed candy to – in the Professor’s Album.

Cut the Rope: Experiments update to v1.3 adds new leaderboards and achievements, 25 new levels, and more

Now the cutting rope involves a quick swipe of the player’s finger, while an assortment of obstacles attempt to block and inhabit your path to satisfy the ever-demanding, gaping mouth of Om Nom though.

While the free version of Cut the Rope: Experiments HD on iPad, brings the the support for Retina Display the new iPad (3rd-gen) and added new more levels as well. With more than 15-0 experiments across six settings – not to reveal the packs – this would be a huge release and seeks to up end series familiar gameplay with the new elements such as robo hands, rockets, suction cups and water.

Then what’s you waiting for go grab one free edition of the gameplay of Cut The Rope:Experiments for iPhone, iPod Touch and the HD version iPad game for a limited time period.

With better options this has been pushed to iTunes App Store. The update also features new achievements for the robo arms as well as support for Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization. Already the iPad version have received an average rating of 5 Stars millions of iOS users and Android users as well.

Download Cut The Rope: Experiments 1.3 for iPhone, iPod touch [ iTunes Link]

Download CTR: Experiments HD for New iPadĀ  2 (3rd) [App Store link]

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