Countdown Timer For Next Big Ubuntu Release Starts, Suggestion Of Touch-Based OS?

Till today the vast majority of you on desktop and notebook machines will be running either Windows or Mac OS X, but there are some them who love to run their PCs on an open-source operating system like Ubuntu (Linux). Opting for ease of use and all-round performance, Ubuntu is by far the least complicated solution. Honestly, me being an linux user to ease my way in, dual-boot with other operating system, and now Ubuntu has an exciting new project on the horizon. Specifications are under wraps, however a countdown clock on the Ubuntu webpage running through 8AM ET on Wednesday, January 2nd, drops more than a big hint of a touch-based OS input.

It reads “So close, you can almost touch it,” a fairly obvious indication that Canonical plans on announcing a touch-friendly version of Ubuntu, just like Windows 8. The banner plastered over the Ubuntu home page, and unless they’re simply trying to throw everybody off, I think its safe to say touch-based functionality will at least be getting an honorable mention on the morning of the 2nd. With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the corner, just around it may ne that Ubuntu is looking to tap into the mobile market, following the open source outfit Mozilla, which has already cracking on nicely with the Firefox OS.


Canonical Ltd., the software company behind the iconic Ubuntu desktop software, has made no secret of its desire to bring its Debian Linux services to the mobile platform. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth revealed as much during a question & answer session on Slashdot last month, indicating that Ubuntu is close to realizing his goal of unifying the OS with the ultimate goal being to coax more desktop users into experiencing Linux on their computer.

Let’s make one OS that runs on the phone AND on your supercomputer. We’re close to that now – we know Ubuntu makes a great cloud OS and a great server OS and a great desktop. So I think the next frontier is to create a seamless experience from the embedded world to the cloud. And yes, that’s very much what we are focused on at Canonical,” Shuttleworth stated.

The announcement on January 2nd will, if not final, but gives us an insight into exactly how Ubuntu will mix it in the world of mobile devices, and with 14.04 LTS not due for another 18 months or so, this should give Ubuntu fans something to sink into for the time being currently.

In the same fashion how Microsoft has taken with Windows in the 8 OS, and the challenge Canonical faces is the same, and that in mind it must find a way to unify the operating system without alienating a subset of users.


We will have more details to share tomorrow. Of course have all of the details pertaining the announcement when it arrives so stay tuned to our coverage here at Vsszone.

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