Colorware Offering To Colorize Your iPhone 5 At $1700 [CUSTOM]

If there is a payer interested in re-designing their newly arrived devices, Colorware is here to make it look good-awful while you pay for the offering. The previlege goes to the latest gadget that they will customize for you is the Apple’s iPhone 5.

Colorize with chosen from hundreds of customizable colors for only $1700 for 64GB model. No, it’s not fair enough! There isn’t any option to order colorize an older iPhone with a smaller amount of storage and you can’t send your old phone in.

Although, Colorware’s iPhone customizing webapp offers a glimpse into what you can do. Still interesting and go crazy now. It’s your money to spend and you’ll surely get a final look. Before ordering it please think once again, if you’re going to pay a sum of 1700 dollars, you will get two iPhone 5’s. One for you and the other is for your GF.

It depends on you whether you are going in to customize your iPhone 5 with colors or choosing the best iPhone 5 case covers.