Transform Your iPad Into A MacBook Using ClamCase Pro [VIDEO]

Don’t go with the name “Clamcase”, it’s just a new Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad landed on the market as a tablet accessory that aims to turn your iPad into a MacBook Pro. Clamcase iPad gadget has managed to gain lot of interest by being tagged as something of a game changer. Padding an external keyboard and a multi-position stand all-in-one iPad accessory was an inevitable move by the makers, but however didn’t gross up rather got pretty negative reviews. After eradicating and attempting to right the wrongs, Clamcase is back with their Pro version of the shield that is lighter, thinner and packs in even more punch for your $169.

The Clamcase Pro is more accurately built on the same fundamental design concepts of the original product. To date that accessory is being billed as the Clamcase company’s thinnest and lightest product, but still managing to provide the iPad with all of the protection it deserves while allowing the user to achieve maximum productivity. The product is extremely versatile by packing in the ability to transform into a number of different modes, which makes it pretty gorgeous to look at.


This iPad transformer could be the one sleek and stylish package with the aluminum case has unmatched viewing capability with its patent pending 360 degree hinge and the keyboard keys are comfortable, roomy and in familiar modern design. Users can opt to slot in their iPad and use the Clamcase Pro as a makeshift laptop, with the display of the iPad being held front and center with a MacBook inspired keyboard. The product also works as a touchscreen stand with the keyboard folded out of view as well as a perfectly capable carrying case and with the 360-degree hinge that allows the back cover to fold away.



This new Clamcase Pro includes built-in Bluetooth connectivity to allow the iPad and the attached keyboard to connect with one another. This is the first ClamCase model to feature the unique autowake which conserves its power when not in use.

The case that also comes with little presents for the user, like a rechargeable battery and the ability to put itself to sleep when not in use and immediately wake up as soon as the full QWERTY keyboard is interacted with. More off as mentioned it’s made up of an aluminum casing with a polycarbonate shell and soft touch surfaces to give it that extra polished feel. There are other companies competing against the Clamcase Pro designs, but it looks like Clamcase is obviously sitting on top of the pile with the Pro option.


? 360° Hinge: Patent pending hinge offers unmatched versatility.
? Bluetooth Connectivity: One-touch easy pair makes syncing quick and easy.
? Rechargeable Battery: Do more, charge less. The lithium-ion battery allows for months of use on one charge.
? Unparalleled Protection: Aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell provide unmatched durability.
? Full QWERTY Keyboard: Elevated island style keyboard creates a comfortable natural typing experience.
? Auto Wake and Sleep: Instantly turns on when you start typing and powers down when you’re done.

Interested in getting this Bluetooth keyboard – Clamcase Pro cover? Please make yourself free to order it directly from Clamcase’s official website.