ChargeCard: An iPhone Credit Card Sized Charger Sits In Your Wallet [VIDEO]

There are several developers with their innovative ideas now come up with an iPhone USB charging cable that fits in your pocket. A credit card sized charger called ChargeCard for iPhone is available on Kickstarter, which is an interesting and pretty useful new compact charging cable which is currently sits at the website. Details after this jump!

This was invented by Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller who finally come up with a solution for your low running iPhone battery juice to fix with this spare credit card sized iPhone cable.

The ChargeCard has been specifically designed for use with Apple’s iPhone and smaller iOS devices, and is small enough to slip into your wallet, pocket or purse, and saves you having to carry around a long tangled charging cord.

The ChargeCard works just like your average 30-pin USB cable — it will charge your device and transfer data and more off it is so small that can fit and sit on your pocket. The accessory is 0.1″ thick, means a 2.54mm ticker, and would be the slimmest of wallets, which is built with an ultra-durable ABS plastic, and it’s available in a handful of different color variants though.

The ChargeCard iPhone charger comes with a foldout USB arm for re-charging your iOS device and the credit card sized charger is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to mass production.

The ChargeCard project has collected just over $16,000 of its $50,000 goal. If you want to help them hit that mark, pledges of $18 or more will also score you a ChargeCard pre-order, your choice of color.

What are you thinking about, help ChargeCard for iPhone become a reality.