CES Gives Hint About Samsung Galaxy S IV Display

Rumors and speculations regarding the high-end next-gen smartphone features suggest Samsung Galaxy S IV will sport an “unbreakable screen”. Now, CES has given the Samsung Galaxy S4 display a hint, according to the company the unannounced S4 will have a 4.99-inch Full HD 1080p display with a resolution of 440 ppi. What’s more after the jump!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been outstanding, because of this great event we came across many new sort of products, smartphones, tablets, laptops, LEDs, SmartTVs and many more, which made our concepts clear about the smart gadget which we will see in the new year of 2013 among them, the one we’re ager to talk about Galaxy S IV device most importantly.


Not only Samsung Electronics, but Apple and other Android and BlackBerry OSes developing company’s are trying to move ahead of other even from the begening of 2013. Each and every company introduced their new concepts in CES 2013 so that people should develop a hype for them and they should wait anxiously for the release of their products right from the beginning.

Like that, the South Korean gaint – Samsung also introduced their new concepts in CES 2013 as well. Display could be the main inclusion which is majorly responsible for the main outlook of the device. Whereas every user has deep interest in such. Samsung had said that users will be getting a full High-Defenition super AMOLED display this year in the upcoming smartphone.


According to that Samsung FHD will be shipped officially in Q1 of 2013, means that there will be upcoming device like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III (Note3) no be announced. Samsung in CES has shown off some more information on which it can be predicted that Galaxy S IV will have FHD 1080p AMOLED 4.99 inches display with a pixel density of 440 ppi desnsity, which is a huge pixel density. Yest like more than your current 3D LED TV.

Now, knowing about that you can imagine how dense and detailed display you will get in Galaxy S IV. More advanced and gorgeous techno blast this year. The Galaxy S III has a AMOLED HD display while Galaxy S4 will have super AMOLED FHD display, and this display will be 2 times more detailed and denseĀ  than that of S3.


After reading this article everyone will wait until the Galaxy S IV official launch, and ti enjoy sunch wonder and detailed display in a massive size of 5-inches is awesome. Samsiung Galaxy S4 will be pretty much excited soon. Stay tuned!