This iPhone Cardiio App Uses Facetime-Camera To Measure Your Heart-rate Now Available For Download

various iOS and Android developers out there developing some incredible heart-touching apps to come up with new invention of mobile based application along with some innovative ways to reinvent things that have already done in the past. The official App Store and Google Play Store is packed with full of best and most popular apps that it can sometimes be difficult for developers to come up with something newer version, with the investment of their effort and time into producing an unique and genuine one like this Cardiology app is more rewarded often than enough.

You have been seeing some heart-related applications for your iPhone in the App Store already which allows users to rate it for its outstanding functionality because of it gives you an accurate indication of the user’s heart-rate. Cardiio app is now available in the iTunes App Store as a part of another innovative tweak that lets iPhone users to test it on. But there are several other applications based on Health & Fitness category of the App Store that uses personal information and intensity levels to perform various calculations suc as the users current heart rate of their target heart rate for physical training. For example; being a smoker or addicted to drinking then you will be in the list to test your heart ratings and blood pressure, yes, I mean it. This app for iPhone that can help you if your own the iOS device which measures’ your heart-rate with an easy functionality, check this out!

Cardiio application is a little different in that it has been designed and developed around cutting-edge research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

There are no other discussions about iPhone’s camera, it does a great job capturing photos, but how can you capture your heart rate? Cardiio, a new invention as a digital health app we could rate it as the best health accelerator program of a physicial trainer. The software, available as an iPhone or iPod touch application, uses the front-facing camera hardware on the installed device to track, read and finally analyze the amount of light that is reflected off the face. Means the camera sensor is used to detect your heart rate from the light reflecting off your face. The complex algorithms and backend calculations allow the application accurately measure the users pulse without needing to purchase or connect any additional hardware. It’s worthy!

The co-founders and Yukkee and Ming-Zher Poh behind the Cardiio app said the has been peer-reviewed in scientific publications and produces results that come within 3 beats per minute of those from a clinical pulse oximeter, the medical standard Cardiio would compete with. A clinical pulse oximeter measures both heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels through direct contact with the skin and an LED light source, as explained. The Cardiio app, in contrast, works remotely and uses ambient light around the user.

“Every time your heart beats, more blood is pumped into your face. This slight increase in blood volume causes more light to be absorbed, and hence less light is reflected from your face. Using sophisticated software, your iPhone’s front camera can track these tiny changes in reflected light that are not visible to the human eye and calculate your heart beat!”

Many users will prefer to download the app, scan their face and sit back looking at what the result would be and anything can happen. Cardiio’s functionality is based around MIT Media Lab research and heavily feature the same principles that are adopted within the use of clinical pulse oximeters. When the human heart beats it pushes blood through facial vessels, which in turn causes the vessels to expand as they fill up. Finally at the end more light is absorbed that means there is less light to reflect pff the users face, allowing the app to track and scan what is there.

This worthy app have an awesome user interface that makes it measuring the heart rate, with a setting panel provided with additional information related to health. The detailed info will come out through the Insights section, with Cardiio giving some nice statistics about life expectancy and how the users results stack up against the averages. Users can download the paid app for iPhone or iPad in the Apple iTunes App Store for a heart rate of $4.99. After downloading the Cardiio application, they’ll hold the iDevice or iPad to their face in a well-lit area, hold steady for few seconds and you’ll receive your heart rate. Users can also save number to the app, tracking their daily progress over time and measuring the impact of stressful life and busy event on their heart rating.

Note: This app is not currently approved by FDA, which can’t be used in Hospitals and clinics, but the customers in the health and wellness space, as the developer said.

Download Cardiio for iPhone and iPod touch ($4.99) [iTunes Link]