BTStack GPS Updates With iOS 6 Support, Doesn’t Make Apple Maps Accurate

A Cydia tweak called BTstack GPS is such plugin that allows iOS device user to add GPS to any jailbroken WiFi iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with bluetooth to access data from an external RFCOMM/SPPP GPS receiver that supports Bluetooth sharing. Now, the BTstack GPS tweak has got an update version 1.7.2 which hereafter supports the iOS 6 running devices.

It’s not a free app, but a paid one that can register GPS compatiblity in devices that don’t support GPSes built-in, including any iPod touch that supports bluetooth and Wi-Fi iPads. With the latest version of 1/7.2 of Blackstack GPS adds support for iOS 6 and Apple’s new Maps app, which is said that be benifited to those of you still using the 4th-gen iPd touch, and everyone who jailbroken their iOS 6 untethered is eventually released.

While the updated log also mentioned about the support for Apple’s Maps app, but the early issues with mapping had more to do with the software and Apple’s database than with the iPhone’s built-in GPS chip.

Matthias Ringwald who is the one has developed an application that allows users to add GPS to their iPad called BTStacks GPS. He is also the creator of the popular jailbreak app – BTStack Keyboard that lets jailbroken iPhone users to connect their device to a wireless keyboard. Afterwords he has tried to integrate a GPS system to bluetooth enabled devices like the Wi-Fi only version of iPad that do not contain an onboard GPS navigation system.

Available at Cydia for $5, the BTStack GPS app lets you pair up your iDevice with an external Bluetooth-enabled GPS dongle. To get it working, users will have to first disable the iPad’s native bluetooth functionality and then launch the BTStack GPS app. The application then checks out for external GPS units in the vicinity. Once detected and paired, the unit locks itself to the satellite in order to begin pulling the relevant GPS data.

In fact, if you connect your WiFi-only iPad to an iPhone through the Personal Hotspot feature, the iPad uses the iPhone’s location services, allowing you to use the big screen for navigation–even on non-jailbroken iPhones. The whole set-up process takes some time to be completed. Once this is done, you, users will be able to log on to other location based apps and use them in assignation with the external GPS unti with out any issues.

As stated above, the BTStack GPS app is now avialable to download from the Big Boss repository on Cydia for $5. Try it out on your iOS devices right now! Experience the latest version!