Bring Most Out Of iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Battery Life Juice With This iOS App For Free

Help battery retention? The most considerable one when deciding to buy a smartphone and essential when you’re purchasing a high-end handset with great features and altered with fully functional Maps, location-based GPS and watching Videos in HD and on and on. Whereas juice-o-meter gradually loses strength over a period of time, we tend, also, to lose our patience, particularly when realizing you’re out of battery, when you thought you had at least ten percent! Don’t worry, now here’s yet another utility came out into the digital age as an app for iOS devices, and its field that just continues to grow. Battery by Iurie Iurceac wades into the densely-populated field with a pretty interesting entry. Helps you in a frenzy of statistical data and also lets you learn how best to take care of your device battery hereafter.

The interface of the app, is awesome, and although it’s not as minimalistic as we’d perhaps have liked, it does cretainly look the part. It’s lightning, vibrant, and presents tyhe information in a fair, clean, easy to digest manner. Plus, get the most out of ability of customization in the app to the nth degree, and with over 180 themes already available in total, and it’s bound to be something in there implimented which you’re looking for.


How it works and what it tends to show up? The first screen simply estimates just how long you have left of any given activity before the battery will expire. If thinking or polanning about to watch videos or put your device on standby, or listening to your favorite audio, talking over 2G / 3G, Battery app will make a conservative supposition regarding how much the batter time left and how much you’ll be able to yield. How smart!

battery-for-iphone-5 battery-for-iphone-4

All-in-all it has a slick design and very useful estimates of your battery’s decline, the app also offers a bunch of useful tips for retaining as many droplerts of battery as feasibly possible. Automatically adjuts the brightness ensuring it down to minimum and it’s turning off WiFi when not in use and finally this app will help you get the best out of battery which will inevitably decline in performance as time running on.

Battery-for-iphone iPhone-battery

(Source Battery for iPhone on App Store)