Bring Expandable Storage Slot Into Your iPhone With iExpander Case (Kickstarter Project)

This news is somewhat unbelievable but the truth is this iExpander puts your iPhone on steroids and if looking for better battery life and expandable storage space, then you have to read this Kickstarter project. Many questions in mind about battery life, storage, brighter flash and take better pictures in low-light situations.

Here’s the solution called iExpander, which is an iPhone case that does all of these things. It has a built-in battery, a microSD card slot, and an enhanced flash. What next to bring into your iPhone as hardware? It worth more that you will be getting an external memory storage with this iExpander case.

The iExpander is built with graphite reinforced nylon, which is both extremely durable and flexible. Most importantly it adds great features, the case only adds 6.33mm in thickness to your iOS smartphone. The built-in battery is of the Li Polymer variety, similar to that which Apple officially uses in the iPhone 4 / 4S and iPhone 5.

This iExpander iPhone case designed with a micro SD card slot can read cards up to 64GB, and stores and transfers any iPhone-compatible content. The development team behind the case were well prepared about an enhanced LED flash and it compatibility. Though it belongs to the actual team and also being an Kickstarter program, with just 8 days left to go in its Kicksatrter funding round, the project already raised just $120,000 of its $125,00 goal.

Interested ones can be pledged in iExpander for $75 or more to get on-board. This case fits for the iPhone 4S / 4 and even said the iPhone 5 4-inch smartphone. Get ready your iPhone to power up with iExpander case for more battery life along with LED flash and external 64GB storage space to enjoy music.