Bluetooth Bulb Lets Your Phone Control Over Switch On, Time, Dim And Color Your Lighting Through Pairing [VIDEO]

Have you ever imagined about pairing your iPhone or any smartphone with or more lights that can be controlled via Bluetooth 4.0? Here’s the answer for that question in the form of Bluetooth Bulb, lets you pair your phone with one or more of the lights in your home, and then control them via an app. Details after the jump!

Just to say I am not kidding! This new little next-gen flavor enables you to do so with Bluetooth Bulb allows you to switch bulbs on anf off, change brightness, set a time, and a special RGB bulb is also added that lets you change the color ambiance. No need to worry about the cost and waste either. Every part is replaceable and worthy.

In this technology world this is another achievement made by the company, and if you’re looking for a light control system with no extra parts involved, then this would be the best solution apart. The product is just a patented prototype right now. Sights are set on mass production as soon as possible.

In my thought, you can enjoy the benefits of automation wherever you live and work and this Bluetooth Bulb with phone controller will also protect the nature, and the energy of the future, and save environment and think about your current bills. Stay tuned for lightening fast updates soon on this phone paring Bluetooth Bulb product.