Blade 2 Case For iPhone 5 Now Available To Pre-Order

Think you’re an owner of the taller iPhone 5 smartphone and looking for some awesome cases for your device, then here’s yet another offer from X Geared have officially announced a new iPhone 5 case, which is now up for pre-order – Blade 2. Check out the details after the jump!

The Blade 2 iPhone 5 Case is inspired by the vampire hunting movie – the Blade and it’s just a sword wielding hunting product, and made from a claer two-piece plastic shell protecting the front and back portion of your iPhone 5 handset. The case arrived with the screen protection and provides all controls open for easy access.

Actually, this is the case that only protercts your smatphone and the newly announced Blade2 case for iPhone 5 won’t kill vampires. It has a very thin profile and the minimalist, modern design is undeniably cool. This is an incredibly thin case that is only 0.024 inch thick and made from clear plastic material.


The Blade 2 case is designed to leave all ports, speakers, and camera uncovered for easy accessibility and use it seamlessly. The iPhone 5 case might not be the best protective case in the globe, but it can help your device survive scratches and small drops. Interesting part about this case for me is that it’s clear so you can still see your iPhone through the case and from a distance, it’s hard to tell you even have a case on the device.

The case is available in clear or smoke version with a slight tint, can be preordered right now for $24.99 with shipping set for February 14.