Beware: Fake Angry Birds Space For Android On Google Play Store Is Filled With Malware

Few days ago our friend told me about the Rovio has released the latest mobile game called Angry Birds Space and made its way to the iOS platform, Windows PCs, Mac and Android platform as well. But, Rovio Mobile’s latest addition to the Angry Birds series, was indeed the Legacy Native (LeNa) malware first seen last fall, and has the potential to remotely gain root access to Android users’ devices.

You will be feeling angry when you play Angry Birads Sapce, and why? Angry Birds impostors dressed up their Malware nest to look, feel and sound like the newest game from the franchise: Angry Birds Space. If you got your game from a shady unofficial app marketplace, better delete it now.

If you install the game then you can see it will load nasty code into your phone. Means it will rope it to a smartphone botnet linking it up to waiting hackers. Sophos a security firm discovered that two JPG files were hidden in the game’s source code. When installed, the game gains root access to your phone via GingerBreak exploit.

If that has done, more malicious and harmful software can easily take control of your Android phone. In order to kelp yourself free from this and any other form of malware, you’re advised – as ever – to exercise common sense. Always check the developer of every app you download in order to ensure it is legitimate. If you believe you may have erroneously downloaded the infected Angry Birds space, you should back up any important data and wipe your phone immediately, before any (further) damage can be done.

Buy original stuff! Sophos declared the genuine Angry Birds Space free from Malware! Enjoy playing it with security.

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