Grab AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Right Now, Available For Just $49.99

You will be happy to know about a smartphone-on-the-cheap alert, after the WP7 handset’s beta test, Nokia has cut the price of Lumia 900 into a half on AT&T in the United States. Now, its made available at the lowest cost range of $49.99 when paired with a two year contract with the network carrier. The announcement of this pricing will merge with the introduction of pink Lumia 900, which joins the existing black, white and cyan color schemes that the Nokia device also comes in.

Important to note that the Nokia’s flagship phone running Windows Phone 7 Mango won’t be able to upgrade to the Windows Phone 8 operating system when it becomes available later this year, but the high-end LTE handset is still a relatively impressive device. This would be regarding some reason that current-gen devices won’t receive an update to Windows Phone 8 when it’s released later this year? The pricing shift show a sign of low confidence due to sales from Nokia? That’s wouldn’t be the problem for a slice on the pricing.

With the bells and whistles include competitive specs, an awesome user interface and a classy design many called Nokia Lumia 900 “the best Windows Phone so far” and which could stand against the popular Android army and the Apple’s iPhone 4S rival. The only downside is that many aren’t aware with Windows Phone experience before.

The Lumia 900 tested by the top sources and found the Metro user interface (UI) refreshingly different, whereas the iOS and Android screens poses small app icons, Windows Phone instead giving you larger live tiles that update in real time.

The phone touted to be a flagship Windows Phone device was truly cut short by the massive Apollo update, which will touch down with new Windows Phone devices towards the end of the year. Looking for a low-cost phone now, then this would be considerable. However, can compete with the iPhone 3GS, price at $0.99, and the iPhone 4 at $99 priced (subsidized, however). The said devices are more older than Lumia, even though many will no doubt prefer to take an iPhone for many reasons.

Whatever – competition apart – this still a great deal for the Lumia 900. If you want to enter the Windows Phone ecosystem and try a bit more time and money at your hands, advised waiting for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 to hist the shelves soon.

Note: Expected that Microsoft will debut Windows Phone 8 this fall, features a slick new camera app, Internet Explorer 10, Near-Field-Communication (NFC), Nokia Maps, Direct X support for advanced gaming and multi-core processor support.

So, if you buy the price sliced Lumia 900 for $49.00, you’ll definitely miss the scoop of best features WP8 smartphone brings.