Asus to Unveil Dual-booting Windows and Android Tablet at Computex?

Asus Teases Dual Boot Windows And Android On Its New Transformer Tablet [VIDEO]

It seems that ASUS right now testing its new device for its announcement coming june 4th, that released their next ComputerX teaser though, by revealing a very interesting possibility. Think that ASUS’s new Transformer tablet will be capable of dual booting into Google’s Android OS and Microsoft’s Windows operating system, this is what the company has released on a video which hints that a new dual boot tablet is one its way. Details after this jump!

Asus to Unveil Dual-booting Windows and Android Tablet at Computex?

The new video on Asus dual boot transformer tablet has been something special uo its sleeves, and the trailer shows, a drop of water separates into two, and each one houses a different logo: one with Windows and other with Android, and this one is titled “All-in-One is No Longer In One “.

So, we will see a dual booting Android/ Windows 8 tablet PC at this year’s Computex, and as SlashGear are reporting the company introduced the PadFone to the world at the same event. After watching the teaser video, Asus obviously intends to release some sort of devices that will run both the operating systems and a tablet is noteworthy in most.

No more details unveiled about the new Asus tablet or laptop that can run Windows 8 that transforms into a tablet with the option, running Android ICS on Windows 8. This isn’t the first time we are seeing the dual boot compatible tablets, isn’t it?

What Asus will unveil at Computex, we should have some more details next week.Stay tuned to VSS so that we can update more on ASUS Android Windows 8 tablet!

Instead of a tablet that has a smartphone mounted into it, a dual booting Android 4.0 and Windows 8 device, may mean a new range of Asus Transformer Pads being released in time for that Christmas present wish list being left on the side at home.