build number 9B208 is an iPhone 4 (GSM)-only version of iOS 5.1.1 that was quietly pushed out by Apple

Apple’s New iOS 5.1.1 (9B208) Released For GSM iPhone 4 [Direct Download Link]

Apple for its best focusing on the user-experience by supporting the one-generation-old-devices rather than forcing people to step forward for a new hardware, pushing some expected upgrades to their firmware versions. Apple has few minutes ago, silently rolled out a small update for the iPhone 4 GSM version only. Why?

According to this tweet made by the popular iPhone hacker, iH8sn0w, dubbed as iOS 5.1.1 build 9B208 was pushed by the fruit company, its an unexpected update. Without any changlog we can’t tell what’s new, and can’t even confirm what the said update even does. Please wait for some time to check this out by ourselves and give you a good or bad news about this mystery upgrade.

build number 9B208 is an iPhone 4 (GSM)-only version of iOS 5.1.1 that was quietly pushed out by Apple

Similar happened back in December 2011, as you all know Apple does this everytime by pulling off a familiar feat by releasing iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) for the iPhone 4S. However that update was pushed out to fix an issue where the users was faced with a “No SIM Installed” / “Invalid SIM” error, and the update iOS 5.0.1 was grabbed for good reason.

Apart this, remind you bonce again this update is meant for GSM iPhone 4 devices, would be released to fix any GSM-related bugs. While this update can be obtained via the usual medium of connecting your iPhone 4 to your PC and Mac, switch iTunes and by hitting the update button. Here’s the second option to attainable via directly downloading the firmware from Apple’s servers – links placed at the end of post and simply doing a manual restore using iTunes. That’s it!

Highly recommended for those who rely on jailbreak and unlocking, not to force this update onto your iPhone 4 in any case though. Considering that the untethered jailbreak 5.1.1 was finally released to the world earlier today, with the support for this latest iteration of iOS 5.1.1 is unknown at this point of time.

Simply stay away from this newer 5.1.1 (9B208) update, until we or any jailbreak and unlock team give you the right signal. Sit back and forget about the iOS 5.1.1 upgrade ever released.

iOS 5.1.1 (9B208) for GSM iPhone 4 [Direct link]

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