Apple Rolling OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Version To Fix Mail, Wi-Fi And Other Issues [Download]

Finally, Apple has released the download version of OS X 10.8.5 update to its Mountain Lion desktop operating system which is now available with few minor fixes to the Mail and WiFi and other niggling issues. Mac users expected Apple to use the September 10th iPhone event to announce the availability of the OS X Mavericks 10.9 Gold Master seed to registered developers. That didn’t happened, rather seeded the mobile operating system- iOS 7 Gold Master (GM) to the enrolled developers. Alongside iOS 7, introduced two new iPhone models were launched without issue. However, we can expect OS X 10.9 version to land next month at some point. Today, Apple has pushed out a point version of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5.

Following the extensive period of betas for Dev’s, Apple has publicly released OS X 10.8.5. Mac users who are on Mountain Lion 10.8.4 can now update to the latest and greatest bug fixer from the Mac App Store (Software Update) section.


OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 beta tested for quite some time, with the hope of eradicating as many reported bugs and issues as possible. After successful completion of beta tests, Apple has started rolling out the software publicly and have pushed out version 10.8.5 of OS X Mountain Lion which is now available directly from Mac App Store to those machines of affected users.

The OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5 Update is recommended for all Mac Mountain Lion users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac Systems. This update includes these:

  • Fixes an issue that may prevent Mail from displaying messages
  • Improves AFP file transfer performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Resolves an issue that may prevent a screen saver from starting automatically
  • Improves Xsan reliability
  • Improves reliability when transferring large files over Ethernet
  • Improves performance when authenticating to an Open Directory server
  • Addresses an issue that prevented a smart card from unlocking preference panes in System Preferences
  • Contains the improvements included in MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0

Like aforementioned above, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 focuses on a number of key areas that have been causing users some concerns for quite a while now. The update should immediate fix an issue with the native Mail app that was been affected for a certain set of users that prevented specific incoming messages from being displayed in the app.

Apple is recommending that all users make a Time Machine backup of their Mac before proceeding with the system update. Bundled with improvements to file transfer performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi connections. Any Mountain Lion users who had issues with automatic screen savers should also find the issue resolved with this OS X 10.8.5 release. Includes a number of smaller but effective fixes like improved Xsan reliability smart card improvements.

OS-X Mountain Lion
Although with in next few weeks many are planning to hands-on OS X Mavericks, and those who’re happy with the Mountain Lion, this is great to see the improvements coming through from Apple perfectly.

How To Install WhatsApp On iPod And iPad Without Jailbreak [VIDEO]

This tutorial might help you in an easy way to get WhatsApp installed on your iPad. WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging service you ever decline it. About WhatsApp, we’ve to take some time to describe and is a fantastic messenger application that launched with seamless integration for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other smartphones. Now, the catch comes to the scene, and that is, it doesn’t support any other iOS device other than iPhone. Users of iPod and iPad cannot currently download and activate the application, and will be presented with an ugly error if they intend to try. How to get rid of this? Full details are placed below, check them right after the break!

Without Jailbreaking, here is the way of getting WhatsApp to become fully functional on both Apple’s tablet, the iPad and iPod touch music gadget range. Both doesn’t require a jailbreak? Yes, this would be the best thing about this guide. In the past, there was an WhatsApp alternative called “WhatsPad”, but was a Cydia tweak that certainly require a jailbreak. But this way you simply require a computer, and brief access to an iPhone for the activation part of the setup.

I am an iPhone 4s user and not having an iPad or iPod touch, but no worry I borrowed one from my friend and I made this a successfully process. WhatsApp is fully functional on my friends iPad though. One more thing to say is that I had used Windows PC, rather than Mac. Below are the few differences you must follow.

These are the few minor differences between the process depending on a Mac or PC:

* You’ll need to download the specific version of iFunBox for your operating system. Either Mac or Windows. Download it from here:

* On your Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
* And if Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

* Now on Windows, the file directory to find the WhatsApp ipa is: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

How to install WhatsApp on iPad and iPod touch without jailbreaking

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. Download WhatsApp to obtain the .ipa file.

Step 2: Find the file name WhatsApp from the above folder and copy it to Desktop.

Step 3: Download Connect iPad or iPod to the computer and open iFunbox.

Step 4: Click on “iFunbox Classic” and then select ‘Install .IPA app‘. Now select the WhatsApp file which (just copied on Desktop) you want to install on iPad or iPod touch.

Step 5: Once iFunBox shows up a success message, simply disconnect your device. Now, you’ll see you have successfully installed WhatsApp on iPad or iPod. But don’t open it yet until you finish the activation and the link for the activation process is posted below.

This Video tutorial is from Redmondpie:

Here’s how to activate WhatsApp on iPad

Step 1: Now, on your iPhone delete installed WhatsApp messenger. Afterwards install WhatsApp again, open it and activate it using the mobile number that you’ll be using in WhatsApp on your iPod touch and iPad tablet.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to your Computer and open iFunBox. Select “iFunBox Classic” and on the left side menu, clicvk on “Userr Applications” under the iPhone. Now select WhatsApp from the list of applications. Now you’ll find files under WhatsApp, select both “Documents” and Library. Click on ‘Copy To PC’ and save those selected folders to desktop.

Step 3: Disconnect iPhone and once again connect your iPad and iPod touch. Launch iFunBox Classic, and on left side bar, click the User Applications” under the iPhone. Select WhatsApp from the list, and copy the two folders “Documents” and “Library” present on Desktop and simply paste it onto the WhatsApp folder as shown in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp On iPad
Once the both folder are successfully copied into iFunBox, disconnect your iPad and iPod touch. WhatsApp would be activated and ready for use.

Note: If you are jailbroken, then you might be interested in giving WhatsPad for iPad a try. The tweak is free, and also provides an easy way around the process which we’ve outlined above.

Piano Passcode Lets You Play Piano On iPhone Lock Screen To Unlock The Device [VIDEO]

A new jailbreak tweak has finally landed on the Cydia store that amazed with some great innovative features like playing Piano on the iPhone lockscreen, the device can be unlocked. The jailbreak community has never failed to help us with the inventive tweaks that they manage to conjure up in their minds. Cydia, being a third-party App Store brings up a wide avaraity of different types of packages and enhancements for jailbroken iOS devices, with some in the list are more popular tweaks proving to be those simple implementations that live directly on the lock screen of the phone / tablet. One of those latest tweaks could be the Piano Passcode offering to tackle with the lock screen, which it gets best of ten ratings.

Apple launched its iOS devices with a default passcode channel which is purely based on the official software limits, but this new Passcode based tweaks are not a new addition to the repositories within Cydia. There are lots of alternatives to Piano Passcode pacakages, that we’ve seen in the past that offers a unique way to unlocking the idevice. But Piano Passcode is an exclusive implementation that will appeal to the musical technology loving fans among us. Slide to Unlock the device is the default manner, but the new concept is pretty simple, presented with an awesome looking mini piano which the user needs to play to gain access to the device.

The Piano Passcode tweak has been tested for the last few days, allows you to replace the iPhone’s lock screen passcode security system with 7 piano keys. Each and every key makes a distinctive sound, just as you would expect from a piano. Like other decent Cydia tweaks, Piano Passcode contains its own dedicated preferences options through the native Settings app. So that we being an iPhone owner can first of all choose to either enable or disable the package along with specifying the exact key combination that is required to be played on the piano before the device is unlocked.


In this jailbreak tweak, you’ll find a section to enable a secure mode, that helps Piano Passcode’s compatibility with other security based tweaks such as iCaughtU. Piano Passcode with an additional Secure Mode is helful for those who want a new layer of security that is capable with other lock screen based apps that have Passcode functionality.

Once Piano Passcode installed, the tweak is configured with a passcode of 1234567. This number corresponds to each of the different keys on the keyboard. Though, everyone don’t want to play a little musical number to get into their phone, but the ones who do will definitely love what this offers.

Piano Passcode is now available for download via the BigBoss repo on Cydia and it will be a paid offering, user priced a cool $0.99.

Vine Update Adds Support For Forward Front-Facing Camera, Mentions – Download Now!

What is Vine? This is Twitter’s video sharing app, with features that will make it easier to shoot selfies and tag friends. Vine app has now received its first major update, adding support for the iPhone’s front-facing camera and Twitter mentions in posts and comments as well. Check out the details after this jump!

After Twitter updating it’s six-second video shaing “Vine” app, the user when shooting a post will now see an option that allows switching between the front- and rear-facing camera. Simple as tapping on button in the bottom left corner to try the front-facing camera. Now, you can switchj back and forth between the regular and front camera as many times as you wish.

Additionally, users can now tag friends in posts by typing the @ symbol and user name. Vine now supports mentions, so that you can tag people in your posts. While users who are mentioned will be receiving a notification in Activity. In order to mention a user, you have to simply type @username and select the name among the suggestions you’ll see.

mzl.htzvdnhl.320x480-75 mzl.ikufgavi.320x480-75

Vine, being the Twitter’s app for sharing looping videos, has now been updated to version 1.1 with support for the iOS front-facing camera. Vine is the best way to see an share life in mention. Create short, elegant, looping videos in rather simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

Unlimited uploads and free
• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)
• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks
• And so much more

The new version of Vine gives you the ability to use your phone’s front-facing camera or mention people in posts and comments.Update includes an improved people search, fixed various crashes and minor bugs.

mzl.fvildfhc.320x480-75 mzl.otarhxgz.320x480-75

Vine 1.1 is now available for free-of-charge download for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad from iTunes. There is no Android version of the app yet, though one is reportedly in the works.

(Source: Vine v1.1 For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on iOS App Store)

Atom Lock Screen Launcher For iPhone Turns The Device For Launching Apps In An Easy Way

Want to give a completely new dimension to your iOS device’s like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? I mean to say to the Apple device’s lock screen when considered. iOS lockscreen is an genuine feature of the fruit company’s platform. Presenting little more than the time, date and the patented Slide to Unlock.

Jailbreaker’s have changed the look and feel of the iPhone’s lock screen with some best Cydia tweaks and as time has progressed, we have seen one or two changes, with the introduction of the iOS 5 firmware update bringing the camera slider for quick access to the device’s snapper, things are a tad more active. Winterboard themes are one of the great tweaks available in Cydia to turn the iOS lockscreen look and speed things up. Now, yet another seasoned jailbreak developer Tyler Nettelon and Surenix, who’ve created a tweak called Atom, that adds a great bit of functionality to what is the first point of contact with the operating system.


Although the lock screen is pretty limited, where Atom comes to scene which extends the use of the iPhone LS by allowing the option to choose between any of six applications that you want to launch right from the device’s lockscreen. In displacing the standard unlocking machanism, Atom implements its own, bragger-based system which allows you to scan over and quickly launch any of your favorite apps, similarly like the JellyLock for iPhone, but more customizable.

Atom tweak would also called a new alternative lockscreen launcher that finally ready for action. Once installed, Atom, as said adds 6 app shortcuts to the lock screen. The  circular structure of the layout somewhat simulates an atomic diagram , and if you decide to just unlock your device rather than opening any of those predetermined apps, you have to simple drag the grabber to the unlock orb in the middle. Within the Settings app, you have the ability to customize each shortcut position with your favorite apps.

Atom in either way is a very simple, sleek lock screen replacement with smooth animations and a slick layout. Atom operates as slickly as if it were native. One can only hope that Apple has something similar to this planned for iOS 7. However we’re not holding our breath on that one, you can install Atom on your iPhone. Download link is available at the BigBoss repository for a very reasonable $1.99.


Downloaded and installed on the iOS device, have jsut to say that Atom locktweak is one of the best jailbreak apps we’ve ever tested and stumbled across. Indicatively, brings a whole new parameter to the lock screen.  Finally, Atom is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5 or higher. Go grab the Atom right away!

Download iOS 6 Inspired Theme For Windows 8 And 7 To Turn Your PC Into An iPhone Style Computer

We have already linked you with some best iPhone 5 themes, but today we will show you how to transform your Windows into an iO6 mobile operating system. Regardless of whether your desktop PC’s operating system of choice has that Microsoft feel about it, or bends more towards an Apple inspired offering.

With Windows 8 launch, Microsoft is reporting a recent surge in profits that has lot to do with the success of Win 8 OS. However, Mac OS X is currently raising its most successful spell to date with Apple reaping the stock benefits that come attached with the current surge in user adoption.

Apart this, being an PC user, you will like to check out this iOS inspired theme that is now available for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 installations. Customization tools like Themes and Skin packs have often changed the users mind with PCs. Some might not be interested and stay with its native look and feel of their official operating system and don’t ever imagine deviating from the manufacturer standard. Like me, on the other hand, users love the functionality provided with Windows but covet the visuals of OS X and iOS. For that, most of them gain satisfaction from these skins packs/themes.


Unlike the earlier theme which is named after Apple’s favorite mobile operating system but it’s accurate that the inspiration has been taken from the fruit company’s desktop software. Transformation of the visuals on Windows is fairly straightforward and it involves little more than running through a standard installation process that most Windows based users will go through on a regular basis.


Downloading and installing the iOS 6 inspired theme on Windows 8/7 will turn your desktop PC into a real iPhone style computer. But it’s worth noting that uninstalling themes or skin packs of this nature could sometimes prove to be problematic, if anything goes wrong, can require a full operating system restore (Windows OS installation). So, make sure to create a restore point in System Restore utility before going ahead with the install.



Once the theme installed, users will surely find some visual changes from what they have been previously used to on their machine. The Rocket Dock (OS X Dock) makes a rather front and center appearance, with battery, calendar, menu and other visuals all suddenly looking like iOS 6 / OS X on Windows desktop.


This is worthy installation which provides you are into such customization with some subtle changes like the inclusion of application type icons and themes directory folders makes some sense. For that, you can check out for yourself by downloading it from here.

Facebook 6.0 Released: Hands-on With Chat Heads, Stickers, New iPad UI And More [IMAGES]

The best social network called Facebook as promised updated its FB app for iPhone and iPad by taking it to version 6.0 and dropped on the App Store. Featuring the stable Chat Heads, a redesigned user-interface on the iPad, stickers in chat windows, revamped News Feed and many more.

Like brining out a number of new features such as Chat Heads is something that barrowed from the Facebook Home for Android, pretty focused on the new iPad UI, which was actually announced in March. The floating head will enable users to continue a chat with a friend while browsing news feeds. On iPhone, users can also send Emoji-style stickers inside the Facebook messages, and new feeds like Muisc, Photos and Games have also been added. For the iPad app a News Feed has been modified as well. Get go hands-on with the app, and you can check it out right after the jump.


Facebook has announced a much improved ews Feed with reduced clutter, which is the ability to filter news feed updates on basis on type of content and friends lists, focus on bigger – more involving photographs and a unified UI design pattern across desktop and mobile phones. While the interface is much cleaner on the iPhone and iPad, snappy and much more complete when compared to version 5.x, especially. Well, there are tons of UI improvements made in the past, but today, we would like to talk about Chat Heads in detail.

* Facebook 6.0 arrives with Chat Heads & Messenger:

Chat Heads was introduced with Facebook Home and integrates with SMS and Facebook Messenger. They’re little floating head bubbles which appear when someone sends you an SMS or a Facebook message. On Android, they appear everywhere, and by everywhere. Facebook iPhone users can now move the bubbles around to the sides of your screen. Playing a game, or browsing the web, and you receive a message, you’ll get a floating bubble on the top of the display, simply tap on the Chat Head, and you’ll get a threaded view of the messages you and your contacts have been sharing. If you drag them to the bottom it will dismiss the chats. You’ll also get a small badge over a Chat Head indicating how many messages that particular person has sent. The Chat Heads pop up will roll out over the next couple of weeks for iPhone users who download the update.

Note: On the iPad and iPhone, the promising is a little different. Chat Heads are limited to the Facebook app only, they will not shown outside the app. Due to the restrictions Apple has on its mobile OS. So, if you’re an intense Facebook user, then it’s ok, coz* you’re going to be spending most of your time inside the app, and if you under the impression that they’ll appear outside of the app; they won’t, and let us make it clear. Till a jailbreak tweak pops-up which enables it everywhere, but we will leave that for later.

Last but not least, the Chat Heads are implemented in the Facebook iOS app is purely slick. It is fast and fluid, the bubble animations are smooth, nd doesn’t look disturbing.

* Facebook v6.0 with Stickers:

mzl.ybyncfyh.320x480-75 mzl.hrygywdj.320x480-75

The Facebook’s new version comes attached with a new feature called Stickers,aka Facebook’s version of emoji-like pictures to other users. On iPhone, the ability to send stickers are limited, though any phone rather than iPad, iPod touch or else will be able to receive them.

* Version 6.0 of Facebook is optimized for larger iPad screen:

mzl.pspfmmsw.480x480-75 mzl.gspgejev.480x480-75

The app on iPad looks cleaner and you’ll notice some changes with the News Feed, which is pretty well optimized for the iPad’s larger screen with updated Facebook 6.0 version app. Michael Reckhow the Product Manager for the News Feed on mobile says he “was just really thinking about the details that make the stories the focus and not all these interface elements.”

But some changes are to come with Facebook’s 6.0 version, which we missed like SMS integration, which is a huge void that needs to be filled in the upcoming update. On Android, Facebook Messenger can hook up to the OS’s native SMS feature and shows all your text messages (SMS) and Facebook messages in one place, meaning that Chat Heads aren’t limited to Facebook friendly only, unlike iOS. The big reason behind this could be Apple, which don’t allow other apps handling SMS on their own?

Facebook version 6.0 is now available in the App Store, which won’t cost you a penny, and I am the one who likes free stuff like this.

(Source: Facebook for iOS on the App Store)

Grabby: The Best Customizer Of Camera Grabber Icon On The iPhone Lock Screen [VIDEO]

We admit that a number of changes that made by Apple as a part of their plan to enhance iOS and make it more usable operating system for its millions of users around the world. One of those was the introduction of the ‘Camera Grabber’ on the iOS lock screen that essentially allows users to launch the Camera app without having to unlock the device. Being an iOS user will feel Apple should natively add some option to change the function that allow users of that particular button. The answers comes with a jailbreak based way and that’s a Cydia tweak.

The Grabber package is Ryan Petrich’s method to this much complained ablout problem and which isn’t the most comprehensive tweak we will ever see, that surely resolves the users complaint in its own way. Ryan releases a new tweak called Grabby, which is the latest creation currently available as a beta in his own pero. When installed, the Grabby package doesn’t append the home screen with any additional icons, nor it does not make any immediately evident visual changes to the lock screen of the iDevice. But the power of the tweak comes from its new preferences panel within the as well as a new gesture based action when the grabber is tapped and held.


Not only that, the Ryan’s creation is based on a concept by UI designer Sentry, Grabby is a purely customizable camera grabber tweak, allowing users to slide the lock screen’s camera grabber to launch more than one apps. Tapping and holding on the camera grabber icon and then dragging left opens up a new set of options that alloows different apps to be launched when dragged up toward the top of the display.

Petrich in his own way added the ability to quick launch the Music, Phone and Messages apps from the lockscreen along with the ability to open the Camera app. Optionally, if those apps aren’t really your choice amongst the most used apps on your device, you got the ability to change them from the Grabby preferences from the Settings panel.

Note: Any native app from the App Store or from Cydia installed on your iPhone will be set through the preferences panel making Grabber a very simple and usable pacakge. Just add the repository by loading Cydia, navigate to Manage -> Sources and adding as the repository URL.


Grabby is available as a free-of-cost download from the Ryan Petrich personal repository with no specific iOS version requirements stated.

Fake iPhone 5S Running Android Jelly Bean [VIDEO]

Apple is rumored to announce it’s next iPhone variant, dubbed iPhone 5S in a couple of months alongside the new iPad 5. But that doesn’t stopped here, one of the company produced a fake iPhone 5, called it the GooPhone i5 and it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


This news comes from the same Chinese company that claimed the official iPhone 5 is theirs and released fake versions of iPhones in previous years. Now, it has created a look-a-like fake iPhone 5S, modified, appears like an Apple iOS device and it comes with Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system. Look at the video below:

Watching this you’ll notice that the i5S isn’t as smooth or as responsive as a real iPhone, performance is certainly an issue. You’ll also find yourself looking at Google Play when you hit the App Store button, and at times, it’s clear that this is just another Android launcher.

Expected to see the original iPhone 5S with slightly better specifications than the GooPhone i5, which only features a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. It also has a 4-inch “Retina” display, which uses the same widescreen resolution as Apple’s real iPhone 5, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. And the company releases the iPhone 5S fake before Apple Does, which will go on sale in China for $149.

Skype Updates Its iOS App With Improved Calling UI And Bug Fixes – Download Now

Don’t thing that every upgrade from the Microsoft-owned VoIP service ‘Skype’ needs to be high-profile, however today, Skype has updated its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch apps with a new, beautiful calling experience, alongside some bug fixes.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of Skype app were bumped to version 4.6, with great improvements, of cource, with a number of bug fixes included in the update. Interesting change is to the UI for actually placing calls.


While the Skype scores an iOS update with a new look is a bit cleaner and more modern, though not pretty different functionality. Additionally added a new way to mark conversations as read with “just a few taps.” Now, “One-to-one” chats appear in the correct order, best calling experience as well.

In order to take full advantage and grab more incredible information, hit up the iTunes Store to download Skype v4.6, available for iPhone oriPad direct links.


[Source: Skype for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store]