Google Maps 4.0 For iOS With Material Design Now Available For Download

Talking about Google Maps for iOS and Android, which gets a significant update, featuring, among other improvements, the all-new Material Design that the search giant rolling out with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google at the time of announcement, stated that the new Maps would begin trickle out within days, as expected, the iOS version of the update is now ready for download over at App Store. Download links can be grabbed right after this break.

Google Maps is heavily relied upon mobile users far and wide and even Apple also continued to work on its own in-house 3D mapping alternative since the disastrous launch with iOS 6, a larger number of iPhone and iPad users still grab Google’s offering as a matter of protocol.

The fact you must admit is that Google Maps is simply the best option, either you on the iOS, Android or Windows Phone handsets and in recent years, it has even surpassed the specialists like Navigation and TomTom as the go-to choice for drivers. With this particular update, it is more than a run-of-the-mill assortment of bug fixes and performance enhancements and tweaks.

Google although supplied a healthy dose of bug fixes to ensure that Maps continues to run smoothly and packed its position as the authority in this field. Mainly comes with OpenTable support and Uber integration, those updating will find it much easier to book tables and make trips in a simplistic way.

Speaking about the OpenTable booking, it is currently a gig reserved for Maps users in the United States, but pending a successful roll-out, should gradually make its way to other markets. Uber will work everywhere that the people-courier service is available, and if you want to utilize the taxi company built for the Digital Age, then you’ll be able to do so from within Maps.

It will offer a more layered experience along with an attractive fluid Material Design, as you have already seen through the Android Lollipop previews, which also got optimizations for the iOS 8 software. It’s a jam-packed update offering and user of Maps on iOS 8 can sure make their way via the download link below.

(Download: Google Maps for iOS on the App Store)