Apple Website Confirms iPhone 5 Name, LTE, iTunes 11, New iPod touch, iPod Nano

Believe it or not, who would know that Apple’s own website could reveal such great information which we seeking of when it comes to finding out what we can expect from today’s media event.

Apple offered a hint of the name in its invitation to today’s event, but it looks like a slip-up on its own website, called it new iPhone as the iPhone 5. A quick search on Apple’s website gives us the confirmation you need…!

Regarding today’s special keynote gatherings, it looks like as though the iPhone 5 name seems to be deat unveiled, a seach document on Apple’s official website reveals from the Cupertino’s press release section entitled “Apple introduces iPhone 5,” and although the feint “5” already shown on the 12 dated invitation to the event was seen by some of an eloborate ploy to fool us, but now it appears the sixth-generation device will indeed be called the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, the links return a 404 error for the time being but it’s safe to say that those pages will be live by the end of today’s event. Although once the keynote speech commences and Cook, Forstall et al have said their piece, it’s more than likely said page will be available, with full press notes regarding the iPhone 5.

The Apple’s search engine also revealed a new iPod touch and iPod nano as arriving today, in fact we’ve less evidence to confirm what each device will look like means the re-touched of those classic Apple gadgets will also be worth watching out for.

As you all are familiar with the iDevice releases, when any device announced, we already know iOS 6 is heading our way today, the search engine has suggested iTunes 11 will also be arriving today. Whereas the iPad Mini expected sometime in October next month, apart this now we can expect the latest iTunes 11 version release in couple of hours.

Most importantly, the search engine shows LTE connectivity as being a feature of the iPhone 5. Apple has been keen as it often is, rather slow in adopting LTE, but with the third-generation New iPad offering the improved radio, and it always looked like Apple wanted this LTE implentation.

An hour left for an official iPhone 5 announcement alongside the new iOS 6 software update and many more to reveal. Stay tuned!