Apple will make the move in iOS 6, and will replace Google's mapping solution

Apple To Clean Out Google Maps In iOS 6, Planning To Launch Its Own 3-D Mapping Service?

With the latest iteration of its newer version of iOS 5.1.1, Apple has made several changes to its mobile operating system firmware. Now according to the 9to5Mac report says, that Apple is readying its upcoming iOS 6 and in that it will be booting Google Maps service.

If this happens, Apple with its latest move will shake-up the navigation app found on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touces. The Cupertino company also called the fuite company an iOS-maker is going to completely remove Google Maps from its upcoming iOS 6.0 platform and preparing to launch its own mapping service soon, as said by the trusted sources cited.

Apple will make the move in iOS 6, and will replace Google's mapping solution

Google Maps was first introduced back in 2007 and Google also provided the back-end to the Maps on iPhone since that launch date. Remind you, Apple has purchased a handful of mapping companies, including Poly3, C3 Technologies, and Placebase, and where the C3 Technology is a great 3-D mapping technology which is noteworthy.

Reports claim that the Maps app for iOS will be complete re-write of the code, however the overall look and feel seems the same of the app, and Apple will be revising the app logo by changing its colors to represent that fact its been written though.

What could we expect from Apple’s own Mapping service app, the most compiling feature will be 3-D street view and so on, which can be reached via controls in the software. The 3D feature will account the Google’s Map street view technology, that provides a street-level at stores, businesses, and points of interest along maps routes in front.

Why Apple took this step? Even though Google Maps in iOS has made its solid performance and referred as the best app. Simple answer, Apple want’s its own and don’t want to depend on Google anymore for what it consider to be one of the core apps of iOS. By competing with its smartphones technology and tablets, Apple and Google over years¬† came head-to-head in competition.

After the release of iOS 6 version mobile OS, Google Maps will be removed from it?

There would be other reasons that we can’t say right now, but up to now this is the news that Apple to drop Google Maps in its upcoming iOS 6 firmware.

We aren’t sure whether Google will continue to provide a mapping application to iOS devices in the coming days. While Windows Phone 7 initially relied on Bing Maps to provide location services, and Nokia by adopting Windows Phone, the entire WP ecosystem is shifting to the Nokia Maps, similar to that, Apple made its new mapping application which will be soon be reviewed by the World Wide Developers Conference that Apple is holding in June WWDC.

Stay tuned to Vsszone so that we can update more information on the new Apple-made mapping application on its iOS 6 and removed Google Maps for iOS.