Baidu was previously rumored to replace Google as the default search engine on iOS devices in China

Apple To Add Baidu As Default iOS Search Engine In China, Unveiled At WWDC

With all exciting reports and rumored notes surrounding the WWDC with the possible announcements of a new beta release of iOS, Aiming at Google, Bloomberg has suggested that a shift in search engine choice for Chinese iOS devices could happen.

Citing two people who are apparently familiar with the matter, Bloomberg claims that Apple os the way announcing a deal to move Chinese iOS devices to the country’s largest search provider, with Baidu commands up 80% of the lion’s search business in the country currently. Where Google, Search giant fixed with just a 16.6% share of the lucrative Chinese search market. Compared to Big G’s search quarries, Chinese Baidu search engine shares the world’s biggest smartphone market.

Baidu was previously rumored to replace Google as the default search engine on iOS devices in China

However, It is not surprising Apple will offer the country’s most popular desktop search engine to Chinese iPhone users, but many point to the company’s declining reliance on Google technologies and services in iOS.

One of the Bloomberg’s sources, who would remain anonymous, believes that the next week’s WWDC event could be the time that Apple decides to announce the actual deal, potentially adding to Google’s adversity as the Cupertino firm also rumored to be declining from the Google Maps as its mapping C3 technology across the iOS stable of devices.

The deal with Baidu is said to be part of Apple’s efforts to broaden service and increase sales in China, the largest mobile phone market. China accounted for 20 percent of Apple’s sales last quarter, and the company’s CEO Tim Cook said there is “a lot more opportunity” in the Asian nation.

According to the March report from Chinese news site Sina Technology News that claimed Apple is planning to integrate Baidu as an iOS search engine option.

Apple’s new Maps application will not rely on Google Maps technologies. That is despite Google announcing enhanced 3D maps and features coming to both iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks.

Over past years Google has some unknown problems with the China which dent the company’s reputation in the area furthur. If Apple really begin to move away from its once partner, Google, collaborate with Baidu would surely strike at the heart of the search giant.

Apple is set to announce this development at its annual WWDC developers conference, which kicks of with a keynote next Monday.

“The agreement to add Baidu, China’s largest search engine, to the lineup of Web tools on the iPhone could be announced as early as next week, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.”

Apple’s WWDC kicks off on June 11th, and all are waiting for a big announcements on the traditional keynote that sets the even in motion. A new version of iOS s expected to be debuted, with iOS 6 stated to see some major changes. Like the removal of Google’s core services, Maps being the key one. Google already made improvements and recently announced to own Maps for both iOS and Android, however the reason for moving away from the Google Maps ois more about reducing its reliance on a competitor than an issue with high quality.

According to the Chinese research company Analysis International, users in China can currently access Baidu on their iPhones and iPads by downloading it as a separate application. According to Bloomberg, customers will now have the option to select Baidu as their primary search engine, though Google will remain the default setting on iOS devices.

The above said is true, users will still be able to choose Google, Bing or Yahoo! over Baidu in iOS Settings, but since Baidu, a Chinese local search engine, will come enabled by default on devices sold in China, that won’t bother anyone.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is said to add Baidu as a default iOS search engine in China

You can get the true and reliable answers on Monday at the WWDC on June 11. If Apple really ditching Google as its default search engine, or Apple offering another choice to iOS users to choose from?

Stay tuned to VVSZone, Apple’s WWDC will reveal all the news with the major next-generation iOS 6 mobile OS, a change that is also expected to be unveiled at WWDC.