Apple Reportedly Working On ‘AirPlay Direct’ For iOS Devices, Works Without Wi-Fi Network?

If you are eager to know about what the Cupertino company’s new game-play is? Yes! an AirPlay Direct which works without WiFi internet connection anymore. The innovation is the word suits the mobile computing world and of course the smartphone industry at time being. After the big battle of judgement between the Samsung HQ and Apple counterpart in San Jose. Now its time to step out of the trail and concentrate on the innovating thinks which both companies are attempting to bring to the marketplace.

However Apple is one in a top position that has managed to conjure up and released some innovative things into the market. Although almost of all single-handedly transformed like the personal music, tablet computing and smartphone industries with their accurate products which consumers are always eager to grab. With its amazing thinking targeted the smartphone and tablet consumer market with some innovative hardware and software integrations and has been something that has allowed Apple to seamlessly excel in the markets they are part of, and now it appears like the company is reportedly working on continuous expansion of their software capabilities to some like AirPlay.

This news comes from The Telgraph, reports said that Apple will unveil an update to its AirPlay platform at its rumored September 12th media event, alongside the next-generation iPhone. AirPlay is that feature allows users to wirelessly send audio and high-definition video across a connected wireless network from a mobile device or Mac to an Apple TV unit, and is something which customers clearly love, and has changed the way a lot of Apple hardware owners interact with their own media. If this comes true, the September 12 would be an interesting day for AirPlay fans, with with Apple reportedly prepping itself to introduce us to the next-generation of AirPlay technology.

This rumored new innovation currently being referred to as AirPlay Direct internally, the updated platform will allow for users to stream media from an iOS device to speakers without the need for Wi-Fi. Suggesting that Apple has been working on extending AirPlay to allow users to wirelessly stream audio from a mobile device to a set of speakers without the requirement of being connected to a home wireless network. This is what it means!

However the report also suggests that the AirPlay Direct is a working title and could be subject to change. The feature, perhaps called “AirPlay 2.0,” would virtually allow AirPlay to setup its own network via Bluetooth 4 between devices to play music, that is what everyone thinking of.

The enhancement, known at the minute as AirPlay Direct or AirPlay 2.0, would undoubtedly allow the AirPlay-enabled device to create its own Bluetooth-based network, via which the audio-based media could be sent. Whereas in my thought, the WiFi connection is more faster than the Bluetooth connection, but when Apple planning it, then this addition to AirPlay would be more enhanceable and considerable.

With the company almost certain to introduce an iPhone with a smaller dock connection that will no longer fit the already-owned audio-based accessories, so lastly and finally it could offer a small amount of sweetness to some consumers and prevent them from needing to replace their original products.

While the Bluetooth 4 was first introduced on the iPhone 4S last fall, with the third-generation iPad and Apple TV following in the Spring — thus making for the perfect setup. AirPlay was actually announced in the fall of 2010, allowing customers to stream music from their iOS device to speakers via Wi-Fi.

Still no official word about the AirPlay Direct to be introduced for the iOS-based devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Stay tuned!