Apple Calls The Next iPhone With iPhone 5 Name Confirmed [Officially?]

Wola! The company which is going to unveil its next-generation iPhone today has confirmed its name as the “iPhone 5”, and surprisingly its now genuine name. Apple will be calling their sixth generation iPhone the iPhone 5.

The name of Apple’s latest smartphone has just been confirmed by their website as the iPhone 5, and the photos below shows pages for the iPhone 5 when you search for “iPhone 5” on Apple’s official website, though the pages are not live yet and we don’t expect them to go live until Apple announces the official iPhone 5, finally at the Yerba Buena Center of Arts in San Fransisco, California.

Now, what to expect from the Cupertino company about the iPhone 5? Features a larger 4-inch screen 16:9 widescreen display and a new thinner design, plus a new dock connector and Apple’s Nano SIM card, the handset will also come with the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS iOS 6. Source MacRumors