What Do You Think About Apple’s Two New iPad Ads, ‘Together’ And ‘Alive’ [VIDEO]

Apple has just aired tow brand-new TV Ads regarding the iPad and iPad mini. One, entitled “Alive”, simply shows just how useful the iPad is for the daily purpose, such as like education and exercise, whereas the other, ‘Together’, seeks to highlight how much entertaining groups of people can get through the sharing and multiplayer apps and games.

iPad these days become the most popular tablet on the market, and surely jumpstarted the whole slate industry when it was first launched. The ads once again outline the rich and diverse array of content the App Store has to offer, however the format of the ads somewhat differ from the usual prose, there are various flashes of superlatives surrounded, the kind of which we’re accustomed to hearing from Cook, Scheller et al at WWDC soon.


Essentially what actually Apple is really hoping to do with these two new commercials? With almost 800,000 apps and games available over at the App Store, it’s the content that truly makes Apple’s devices tick is get people to see that the iPad can do a lot of neat things thanks to the App Store, and although the Cupertino’s iDevice ads tend to focus on the gizmos themselves, this one is an almost pure celebration of the App Store. Check out the two commercial ads embedded below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Although a string of iPhone 5 ads have released, it was about time the iPad got a little more airtime, especially with the 128GB model having just been added to the full-sized roaster list. Despite the drawbacks of a high price and lack of a Retina display, its been a strong interest in the iPad mini, though many prefer to purchase a larger device, still its the centerpiece, it is certainly a distinct possibility that these two may soon be presented on something of an even fall.


The iPad itself has set up a position, which been seen largely as a consumption device for gaming, browsing the web, social networking, and so forth. Used in the schools, collages and business purposes and utilized the device for their daily needs, and these ads only but help the iPad to be taken even more seriously among those aforementioned groups and their respective subjects.

Although these new commercials still have that Apple feel to them, they are indeed different. Ads are pretty interesting to watch!