Another iOS App Switcher Reinvented With Card-Style Visuals And Smoother Animations With A Dash [VIDEO]

How Apple chosen to implement multitasking within the iOS, Dash is yet next app switcher package obviously have their own opinion about the Cupertino’s thought. If you have liked the alternative iOS app switcher “Aero” which was rolled out a few months ago, chances are there you might love this new tweak by the same developer. With the introduction of iOS 4 brought with it the ability to send apps in the background that allows users to quickly install them from memory if the need arises, which was offering a new new multitasking-type feature to all iOS users.

Dash is one the best Cydia tweak aims to replace the original iOS app switcher with its additional features such as the ability to clsoe running apps. Dash is one of the many packages for jailbroken devices that attempts to breathe some fresh air into the way apps are handled in the background by totally changing not only the visuals and way the apps are shown to the user, but also the way it handles and interacts with. Double press the device’s home button will show the native installation of iOS, background apps and which can be viewed, which it turns involks a switcher bar along the bottom of the iPhone screen that shows four icons at a time and by scrolling the icon list horizontally you will then able to view through which the user can flick through to see other apps. Tapping any icon launches that application into foreground.

The development team behind Dash aims to change that horizontal bar at the bottom by hooking into the multitasking system of iOS and making it larger than life ever and appear in full-screen mode, utilizing the full display of the device. Dash comes complete with 5 animations: Scroll, Coverflow, Time Machine, Rotary and Cylinder. These all work well, although the latter 3 require more memory and will perform much more smoothly on newer iDevices such as the iPhone 4S.

The main form of interaction is still scrolling through the running apps, but each app gets its own view that shows a snapshot of the app itself as it was last seen before being sent to the background. The Dash’s interface of the package is simple but notable and surely brings an extra element to switching between running apps. With the 5 added animations pccur between each swipe is also something that will appear to users.

Dash reinvents its style with a slight improvements on the standard Apple way of handling backgrounded apps, but it feels like they belong in iOS, and the stunning design and apparent excellent code keeps this feeling up for as long as you are using the tweak. Best SBCoders jailbreak tweaks are awesome to think and imagine what it can give you, the ability to transform iOS app switcher into another direction. If you want to spice up the multitasking experience on the iPhone or iPod touch. Then the price for Dash an alternative app switcher worth it.

Dash is available to download from the ModMyi repository for $1.99 with no specific iOS version requirements being given.