AnoStyle Brings A Brand New Colorful Look To Your iPhone 5, iPad Mini With Anodized Backplate

That said one comes in 12 different colors and I bet you being an iPhone 5 or an Apple’s iPad mini owner will surely grab one AnoStyle’s anodized back-plate for your tablet devices. Check this out after the jump!

I am an iPhone user and I regularly change my device’s cover to show up my iOS smartphone look awesome and if you just have too much money in your wallet or purse and owning an all new taller display iPhone 5 or a smaller slate like iPad mini you’ll be getting a chance to do some colorful modifications and turn that current-generation iDevice into a modern day work of art that stands out from all other hardware on the market.

Considering Apple has far behind started using an anodizing process on their latest iOS devices in order to get the slate and silver effect on the unit hardware, and it’s pretty much that exact same process that has been adopted by AnoStlye LLC to bring that pattern of personalization to each device. Rather than make do with a Black & Slate or White & Silver iPhone 5, users can now transform in a relatively affordable $249 to change the rear and fork the appearance of the device.

The iPhone 5 AnoStyle modification allows for a choice of twelve colors either red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, teal, green, violet, gold, copper, bronze or blue steel, with the iPad mini offering the exact same color choices for both the black and white variants should the user desire, but is a little more pricey at $299.  AnoStyle goes down the professional process of anodization that involves using chemicals to invoke the desired color change.

Most interesting that benefits of choosing this method of colorization over things like painting or spraying the device is that it isn’t purely prone to chipping or peeling, thanks to the chemical reaction that happens within the metal. With a hype there are many companies popping up that offer regarding the customizing iOS device has become increasingly lucrative industry of business services such as Color Labs and panels replacements, but now it seems that anodization is certainly one of those most accecpted methods of changing the appearance of Apple’s latest and foremost devices.

Already owning a black and gold iPhone or a white and red iPad mini has been one of your dream for the last couple of months, then here’s the chance to become a reality of that dream fantasy with only paying $249, it can happen! (via BGR)