Android 4.2 Gesture Typing Keyboard ported to older Android devices

Android 4.2 Gesture Typing “Swype” Like Keyboard Working On Older Devices [VIDEO]

It’s the fact that comes to reality when any operating system launches, intuitive enthusiasts fixes their minds in developing way to porting some of the new features back to the majority running older software Casing. Unveiling of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean yesterday, Google introduced a brand-new input method on the stock Android keyboard called “Gesture Typing, which the key component has been snatched away, bagged up, and ready to be shared with those running earlier versions of Android firmware.

Android 4.2 was the latest software update comes with the LG’s Nexus 4 and Samsung’s Nexus 10, those running something released within couple of months (an S III, Nexus 7, and on), your wait for the new 4.2 Jelly Bean is likely to be quite a lengthy one. It all depends on carrier networks and manufacturers, but you can grab the treasures of the latest Android revision which has pulled from the Nexus 4 dumb!

Android 4.2 Gesture Typing Keyboard ported to older Android devices

If you’re really one of those who like the look of the gesture-based Swype keyboard, you can now install it on your Android 4.0+ device. It’s probably an early build, hence the ugly white and blue floating word prediction, which is unlike the subtle floating word prediction. No doubt, it’s neat and clear to use and it of course works pretty well. It’s predicted on the fly, corrects your needs and flows like buttery smooth.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was released last year with Galaxy Nexus and since then it has improved in leaps and bounds. 4.1 JB made things “buttery” smooth, and while 4.2 is by no means a re-built, it offers a bunch of best features set to make the experience of using Google’s mobile OS even more pleasurable. Here we got something about a list of top features on Android 4.2 operating system.

Speaking about the impressive new keyboard, Google has taken a leaf from the book of very popular app in Swype on adding “Gesture Typing” to Android’s ecosystem, though it’s not a good taste for everyone, but it seems much positive indeed.

This port works fine on older devices running Android ICS (4.0) or above 4.1.x. Obviously the 4.2 Jelly Bean, and if your device includes a UI add-on which disables the stock keyboard (TouchWiz, HTC Sense and on), so, you’ll need is to install the APK from the internet web.

Note: If you’re running ASOP or such kind of overlay which runs the stock Android keyboard, then you have to download a flashable ZIP. Naturally requires for root access when flashing the ZIP, and make sure you first of all backup the stock keyboard before you go mess with such ports.

Instructions for Non-stock Android devices:

1. Download the APK file on devices like Galaxy S III, HTC or RAZR HD, and install it.
2. Head into Keyboard settings and activate it.
3. That’s it, when you open a text box and simply change to this Gesture Typing keyboard.

For Stock Android keyboard devices:

1. Download flash ZIP from here.
2. Flash a ZIP file to overwrite your current stock keyboard.
3. Root your Android device
4. Backup your old stock keyboard, it’s important for the future in case.
5. Running a ROM, you’re free to try it and install it.

However, this build is an older one, and is not representative of exactly how the keyboard will look when Android 4.2 is officially released.

It’s not the full-on gesture keyboard experience, but it gives a flavor until you can get hold of Android 4.2 or a device running it. (source AndroidPolice)