Alleged Prototypes Of Non-Functional Next-Gen iPhone Surfaced In Bangkok [FAKE]

The tech world was all set on fire with on which report you depend on appeared to be the Apple’s next-generation iPhone, yesterday with the images surfaced depicting what discovered to b e a fully-assembled iPhone 5. Regarding the Apple announcement that is possible fixed anywhere between six or ten weeks away, but the technical details and visuals and prototypes/fakes surfaced of the purported non-functional new-gen iPhone. Details after this jump!

We have been widely reporting about the new iPhone will launch during the month of October, 12 months after the announcement of the iPhone 4S. The recent speculation seems to be pointing towards a September 12th Apple event where you could see a new iPad model along with a couple of next-iPods and the new iPhone.

However as usual Apple ever never officially showcased their latest releases until the actual media event, so it doesn’t really matter on which date we’ll be actually see the new iPhone in person. In fact the release of the much anticipated is afst approaching us anyway. but what the product might look like is a doubt? Well, images surfaced of all of these parts put together, depicting what appears to be a leaked parts and components and fully-assembled, next-generation iPhone.

Today, Neowin posted images it claims to be a “prototype finalized design casing” of the next-gen iPhone (not a functioning device) in the hands of an ex-staff member at MBK Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The images of the purported device are claimed by the source to be of prototype iPhone which is used to allow manufacturers to finalize designs and production of accessories such as cases.

If they are the official prototype units of the iPhone, Apple doesn’t just send out fully functional devices to any random company. However, the prototype unit is non-funtional and is primarily used for getting a better feel of the actual physical size.

The device in the images show the smaller 19-pin dock connector which we are pretty sure will be on the new iPhone, as well as the new speaker grills and the 9mm audio socket relocated to the bottom rim of the device.

The difference between leaks and fakes is so simple, and as mentioned earlier now its  impossible to determine whether or not this is original resource or just a fake one that looks to mimic the upcoming iPhone.