Adobe Photoshop Touch Released For iPhone And Android Handsets

Adobe has finally made available of its Photoshop Touch app for the iPhone and Android devices, now for those who use a medium of full-sized device. Get ready to transforn images with core Photoshop features on your iPad / Android tablets. Last year, the Adobe’s Photoshop Touch was out for the aforementioned slates.

Today, such app for the iPhone and Android come with a feature-set that’s almost identical to the tablets with a new UI, optimized for the smaller screen of mobile phones. With so many accurate smartphones around, it seems only right and proper that one of the world’s leading software developers have taken the decision to extend the app with a new version now being available especially for smartphone devices.

The tablet version of Adobe Photoshop Touch has proven to be extremely popular with those users who require professional photo editing and manipulation features away from the company’s desktop Creative Suite pacakge. Abobe doesn’t add any additional functionality into the dedicated phone version, but with the software now being available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store offering the same identical set of features to its tablet counterpart.


Adobe’s phone version of Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android phones includes core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters and and multiple selection tools all manage to make an appearance in the palm of our hands. Photoshop Touch has also been crafted with a high level of precision to make editing photographs and images from a small device extremely accurate. Thinking about the differences between the existing tablet version and this newly released phone version come behind the scenes. Users who are familiar with using Photoshop on a desktop machine will be almost immediately at home with Photoshop Touch thanks to the inclusion of multiple core features and technologies.

The interesting aspect of the Adobe Creative Cloud means that users can now initiate a project on any Photoshop installation and finish it off on another device. Like full Photoshop CS6 installation on desktop machines, Photoshop Touch for tablets and smartphones are supported by the cloud experience.

However, the smartphone release of Photoshop Touch will set users back a one-off $4.99, with iOS users needing to have a device compatible of running iOS 6 or above. Android users will need their devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich or installed.


With  touch-optimized features like Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using just the finger, and Camera Fill for real-time blending of your camera feed with layers. This app features the same filters as the tablet version, like Colour Drops and Acrylic Paint, and also a new Ripple filter. As said above that the Photoshop Touch comes with support for Adobe Creative Cloud, that capability is available to every customer with a free Creative Cloud account.

The update included an interface optimized for 7-inch tablets, improved grid layout, two new effects, smoother brush strokes, quick access to last 5 colors, sharing options and various bug fixes.  The app is available for download via App Store or Google Play for Rs. 270.

(Source: Photoshop Touch for iPhone on App Store / Photoshop Touch for Android on Play Store)