AcerCloud Enters Europe, Bringing Remote Access To Your Notebook / Acer PCs

If you aren’t aware of this new Acer’s cloud service then you are going to miss a lot, actually¬† its was announced a few months back with the companion Android handset, the CloudMobile phone. Now, Acer has officially announced the launch of its AcerCloud service in the UK market, like Europe, France, Germany and Italy. If you are will to buy an Acer’s laptop or desktop machines you’ll be able to try this out.

Acer originally unveiled the Cloud Mobile S500 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and became of the best award-winning CloudMobile phone.

What is AcerCloud? It’s said to be your own personal cloud, which allows you to share music, photos, videos and documents on your PC with all your devices. If or when your laptop or PC goes into sleep mode, AcerCloud wakes it up for you without any worry.

Not only that Acer in January previewed its upcoming AcerCloud, and confirms that it securely connects all personal smart devices and tablets for anytime, anywhere access. By the way featuring its Acer “Always Connect” technology, so that users can always retrieve multimedia and data files anytime, when though their main PC is in sleep, sandby or hibernation modes. AcerCloud also pushes photos taken on your phone or tablet to all your other devices.

Users can enjoy these advantages knowing that their information is stored and transferred securely via strong encryption and authentication. It said that Acer will also include the AcerCloud, without any additional cost, on all new Acer PC purchaser.

However, you will need to install the portal app on yor Android device and Acer PC, allowing you to download images and other important data files between them. Using AcerCloud on your tablet device you will be able to send files to your computer for a backup.

Without any cache everything is synced through the service, ane will be stored if your home machine isn’t turned on, afterwards transfers those files when it’s on again. Officially no words from the Acer company about when users in the US will be able to experience it. Stay tuned!